Messages and Prayers for 2015

I’m no longer to greet you a Happy New Year this 2015.  I have messages for the year 2015.  I’m sending messages to all uniformed police men and women in Missouri, New York and all parts of the United States of America must respect to the community and avoid the abuse of the authority such as racial discrimination.  To the people in U.S.A. pray for all police to overcome shortcomings in their lives.

I pray for all the members of the police and the constables of Metro Manila Development Authority in the Philippines for their jobs well done.  I pray for Justice Secretary Leila De Lima to expose the anomalies, corruption and never-ending scandals not just in Bilibid, Muntinlupa but in her justice department.  To all Filipinos in my former country, pray for your current President Benigno Simeon Aquino III to expose and to eradicate graft and corruption in all branches of the Philippine Government.

I would like to thank the Lord God Almighty through His Son Jesus Christ that I traveled to the oceans of South America; in Buffalo, New York, and in Quebec.  My two prayers are the following: to pass my piano level 7 at the Royal Conservatory of Music in January and to begin a web design training for this first or second quarter of 2015.  Please pray for me for greater achievements and glory for Him.

Make my life this 2015 a glorious Alleluia.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.


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