A Blog Statement to the CCF’s Online Tech Support

A blessed 30th anniversary to Senior Pastor Dr. Peter Tanchi, associate pastors and elders at the Christ’s Commission Fellowship or CCF.

Today, I am addressing in this blog to all the staff of CCF’s Online Tech Support.  There were many individual viewers around the world getting mad that they had experienced heavy internet traffic resulting to bottleneck.  I checked my internet connection speed was so excellent.

I wrote negative feedback on your Cbox but you blocked me and I received an embarrassing and hurting message: Posting failed. You cannot post – you have been banned.

My heart was cut that I would no longer to write on your Cbox anymore.  Viewers around the world are increasing to watch your livestreaming every Saturday night in North America, Europe and Middle East and Sunday morning in Asia.  I apologize for my harsh statement but viewers including me suggest solutions to decongest heavy traffic on the internet worldwide.  May I request to lift up this ban and forgive me.

I know the slow internet issue in the Philippines.  I pray to all CCF Online Tech Staff to find more solutions to eliminate heavy traffic on the internet.  God bless.







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