Sassy Girl Choon Hyang: A Decade After

“Sassy Girl Choon Hyang” (also known as Delightful Choon Hyang) will celebrate a decade in 2015!  Yes! I’ll never forget Chun Hyang and Lee Mongryong’s famous Korean punchline “Shin-jou-kru-shuo” or “Mind Your Own Business” including their love quarrel scenes, cutie ringtones, cellphones, hairstyles and wardrobes too.  This is my most favorite and best Korean drama ever!!!

ChunHyang's Pineapple Hairstyle
Choon Hyang’s Pineapple Hairstyle (From

I noticed the unique hairstyle of Han Chae Young called the “pineapple hairstyle” that attracted millions of viewers and fans around the world.  Here’s the excellent answer from HCY that was interviewed by E-Star Network:  “There isn’t really any other that hairstyle was called ‘pineapple style.’  There’s a round bit down at the bottom and the top looks a fountain, so it ended up being like that. So while playing around we ended up with that hairstyle, I was playing a high school student… The stereotypical high school student would have pig tails.  Chun Hyang is very and lively special girl. So I thought that her hairstyle should be more interesting and that was what I came up with.”

Sassy Girl Chun Hyang was a modern retelling of the classic Korean folktale “Chunghyangeon” (“Tale of Chunhyang”) and a romantic comedy series called “fusion style”–  mixing rap with pansori in the background music.  This was the first drama written by Hong Jung-eun and Hong Mi-ran or also known as “Hong Sisters” and the highest viewership in South Korea was 32.2%.

Sassy Girl Chun Hyang was a South Korean drama television series starred by Han Chae Young, Jae Hee, Uhm Tae Woong and Park Si-Eun and aired on KBS-2 from January 3 to March 1, 2005.

Hopefully, the Hong sisters will create the second part of Sassy Girl Choon Hyang after 10 years.


Synopsis of the Story:

It all began in Namwon. City slicker Lee Mongryong, son of the chief of police, transferred from Seoul to a high school in Namwon, Jeolla Province because of his high troubles in fighting.  Mongryong accidentally smashed to Sung Choon Hyang, took a shot of embarrassing photos of her and ended up on swapping their cellphones.  They were keeping in touch with each other and attending the same school.  Mongryong bullied Choon Hyang while she was working then the poor girl fell to the pond in Gwanghallu Park.  MongRyong felt guilty then he sincerely visited to Choon Hyang’s house and mistakenly took a bottle of wine inside the refrigerator that he thought it was a grape juice!  He became drunk and fell asleep beside her and spent the whole night in her house without sexual intercourse.

Their friends Bang Ji-Hyuk and Han Dan-hee accidentally announced the untoward relationship between Choon Hyang and MongRyong through the school media intercom. In order to save their families and the school’s reputation, Mongryong and Chun-Hyang were forced to marry.  Hong Chae-rin, Mongryong’s first love, who rejected and considered him as a younger brother because of his immaturity.  Then, Chae-rin discovered the wedding night between Mongryong and Choon Hyang inside the high school’s auditorium then she became jealous to Mongryong.

Choon Hyang helped Mong-ryong in his studies to enter into a prestigious university in Seoul. They were both accepted, but her mother who had cheated with a large sum of money then Choon-hyang wasn’t able to enter college. She lied to her in-laws, told them she met people in Seoul, not revealing that her mother was on the run. When Mong-ryong finally found Chun-hyang, he tried again to reveal his feelings for her. When he finally confessed her feelings to Choon Hyang, she rejected and never loved him due to the harsh statement of Chae Rin Mong-ryong merely pitied for Choon-Hyang and wished only to pay her back.

When the two finally in-love to each other, there is still one more problem:  Byun Hak-do. Hakdo is rich, handsome and successful, assumes he could have any woman in the world.  Hakdo was the President of Dodo Entertainment Productions who fell in love to Choon Hyang but she rejected him several times. Hakdo attempted to win her through a blackmail.

A few days before the wedding between he and Choon Hyang, Mong-ryong saw a woman, who was being sexually assaulted, and attempted to save her. He chased the assailants but the woman was on the scheme and immediately accused him as an assailant. When an actor employed by Byun who arrived on the scene. Mong-ryong escaped and later arrested by the Seoul police.

Byun Hakdo handed an edited video of the security camera to put Mong-ryong in a bad light. Hakdo successfully blackmailed MongRyong that he would expose the video to the public. Choon Hyang pretended to divorce MongRyong and ended their relationships. When the divorce was completed, she attended the engagement with Byun and they planned to go to Japan. In a last minute, Choon Hyang ran away to hide between Hakdo and MongRyong and went to Busan.

A few years later, Mong Ryong became a District Attorney (DA) in Seoul while Choon Hyang was hiding then she established her own accessory factory in Busan. Byun returned from Japan and people thought that his “fiancee” was still in Japan.

When DA Lee MongRyong and Byun were attended the wedding of Bang Ji-hyuk and Han Dan-hee, Choon Hyang quietly came in and left a wedding gift for the newlywed couple.  Byun saw Choon Hyang and she immediately went out from the wedding party. She accidentally scratched the car next to her, which was incidentally a DA’s car. MongRyong and Choon Hyang started the heated argument over the phone. Chun-hyang’s assistant, Kim Dong-soo, settled an agreement to pay for the damages to DA’s car. Meanwhile, several crooks were trailing Mong-ryong then assumed Dong-soo became an informant, they abducted him and rescued by DA Lee’s men. MongRyong saw the wedding picture with Choon Hyang from high school. And he realized Dong-soo’s boss was Choon Hyang.  DA Lee found her again near at the house of his parents.

MongRyong started to probe Byun’s production company. Byun’s partner, Mr. Park, who’s tied with Yakuza in Japan tried to stop him from doing so by threatening to reveal the edited video tape. Byun realized that there were just some things in the world that he couldn’t have.  Then he released the full unedited version of the tape so that everyone can see Mong-ryong’s true intentions and allowed Choon Hyang to return her true love to MongRyong.

In a rage of having his plans ruined, Mr. Park ordered to his men to abduct Kim Dong-soo and Chun-hyang. With Byun’s cooperation, MongRyong rescued Choon Hyang and arrested Mr. Park including his men.

Finally, Choon Hyang and MongRyong got married and started their brand new life.



Here are the highlight photos of Sassy Girl Choon Hyang.


Chun Hyang and Lee Mongryong wedding pictures in different times
Chun Hyang and Lee Mongryong wedding pictures in different times: (Above) Wedding Pictures from High School.  (Below) Their formal wedding.


ChunHyang mirror

ChunHyang rides a swing (modern era)
ChunHyang rides a swing (modern era)




Chunhyang rides a swing (Cheosun Era)
Chunhyang rides a swing (Cheosun Era)

Choon Hyang mask






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