The practice of graft and corruption was started since Marcos administration during Martial Law and has been adapted it until now by politicians (i.e, past or present) on stealing people’s wealth in the Philippines.

Filipinos are outraged on the issue of “pork barrel” scam which was pocketed more than PhP 10 billion (US$ 200 million +) by some senators and congressmen and the money was received by Janet Lim-Napoles through her “dummy” non-government corporations or organizations.

Losing PhP 10 billion is a serious issue until now because that kind of huge amount will be used for repairs, building classrooms and facilities in public schools and national universities, infrastructures, etcetera but politicians and “dummy” NGO owners like Napoles have been using for lavish lifestyles.

Those politicians and Ms. Napoles did not recently appear in the public to assist or distribute relief goods for the poor people which were previously affected by “Habagat” (South West Monsoon rains).  I am angry, too, to Filipino politicians and Ms. Napoles who were enjoying their luxurious lifestyles.

I posted status on my Facebook’s timeline that Jeane Napoles, Janet Napoles’ daughter, published her 21st birthday video at youtube.com (http://youtu.be/UX-Ew4mhhUg).  I said on my timeline: “This is the biggest insult for all Filipinos to watch that kind of Napoles’ party filled with PRIDE.”

On anc.yahoo.com published on July 30 (http://anc.yahoo.com/news/younger-napoles-flaunts-family-s-wealth-010839835.html) those photos sent to ABS-CBN News by a friend of the younger Napoles after the pork barrel scam hit the news headlines showed expensive watches, jewelry, clothes, and shoes. The photos were posted on the Instagram account of Napoles’ daughter Jeane, who is reportedly a model and fashion designer.  She also showed photos of luxury cars which she said were gifts from her parents during her birthday debut and college graduation.

I was so dizzy on that issue Jeane received a Porsche car when she was a graduate of Magna Cum Laude in college and another Porsche car during her 18th birthday.

Janet Napoles’ wealth is still an unexplained wealth.  Well, therefore, this is the GREEDIEST issue between Napoles and Filipino politicians who are persistently stealing Filipinos wealth and killing national dignity and honor in the Philippines.

I used the title box  through Twitter’s hashtag (#) called #STOPTHEGREED.  I will not join “One Million Protest Rally” at Luneta because I am watching and reading different news websites here in Canada to join the biggest cause of all Filipinos against all forms of greed committed by Napoles and politicians in Philippine Legislature.  Don’t worry to my poor Filipinos, God will supply his riches in His time (Philippians 4:19).

I address this blog to politicians in Philippine Legislature and Ms. Napoles that our Lord Jesus who denounced greed.  It’s written according to Luke 12:15 (NASB): “Then He said to them: ‘Beware, and be on your guard against every form of greed; for not even when one has an abundance does his life consist of his possessions.’ “

Money is made of paper, ink, copper and/or silver but all is WORTHLESS.  Politicians and Ms. Napoles never chose to read the Bible as a basis of salvation because they are tempted for spending their earthly treasures instead of thinking God’s wealth!   Stealing is a sin in God’s sight and you will never escape in His wrath!

Don’t say you are innocent and ignorant in God’s Word because God is writing all your activities during your stay here on earth (Psalm 139:15-16).  You, politicians and Ms. Napoles, must REPENT and return your stolen money to poor people in the Philippines.  If you will ignore this blog or continue lying and hiding around the world, you will face bitter consequences in His judgment.  STOP THE GREED because you will become poor SOON!


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