Responding To Vice Ganda’s “Rape Joke” and Insult to Jessica Soho

I never wrote my blogs for more than 5 months ago because I have a part time job at Loblaws Bayview which I started last March 2013.  I will be busier on my studies on LINC and review on piano exams this August to accomplish my Associate Royal Conservatory Teaching (ARCT) diploma in 2014.

I’m not really surprised that a gay co-host of the noontime variety show who was behind insulting a veteran broadcast journalist and the “rape joke” on the segment “I-Vice Ganda Mo Ako” which happened last May 17 at Smart Araneta Coliseum.  Jose Viceral (Vice Ganda) who distorted Jessica Soho because of overweight including a rape joke against her.  This is very disastrous and humiliating not just for Ms. Soho but to all colleagues of GMA NEWS and Philippine media, too.

Vice Ganda did not really know the life of Ms. Jessica Soho.  For me, Jessica Soho started as a simple correspondent from the Marcos administration.  She survived perilous deaths such as helicopter crash, hostage crisis in Tugegarao, bomb explosions in Afghanistan and more.  Jessica Soho is more experienced in broadcasting that she faced different dangers in the Philippines and around the world.  She is an outstanding world class journalist that she obtained a prestigious George PEABODY Awards and became finalist of New York Film Festival.

Jessica Soho is a current Vice President of GMA NEWS and has two shows:  Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (One Heart, Jessica Soho) on GMA 7 and The State of the Nation on GMA NEWS TV Channel 11.  I salute her for A DISTINCTIVE, WORLD CLASS BROADCAST JOURNALIST!

Here’s my response for Vice Ganda’s “Rape Joke” on his stupid show last May 17.    Many past comedians did not use vulgar words or such offensive words that can hurt everybody.

Rape is a most serious crime and not a joke because it adds insults or humiliates against women and children either past or present time. Women groups like Gabriela, etc will demand a huge protest or file a class suit against Vice Ganda sooner or later because of the disparaging issues to all victims of rape and such domestic violence against women and children.

Here’s my excerpt commentary at Facebook:

“I am strongly disappointed on the negative feedback for Vice Ganda because her jokes are foolish and offensive to the main celebrities, news anchors and hosts of different shows (or networks). Vice Ganda didn’t think before he will speak to the public. ‘My unsolicited advice for all Filipinos there to boycott watching all shows of Vice Ganda on ABS-CBN because it degrades spirituality and morality to us Filipinos.
Shame on you Vice Ganda because your words were inappropriate and offensive!!!'”

I have one unsolicited advice to Vice Ganda that he must think before to speak.  Never attack people or religion.  What if he will mock against Muslim brothers on his show?  Will he hide in one place?  For me, he will nowhere to hide because my brother Muslims are hot tempered and vengeful.  He will be beaten and put to death by them because of insults and destructive blows against prophet Muhammad and the teachings of Quo’ran for his stupid punchline. NEVER DO THAT, VICE GANDA to my Muslim Brothers or any religious denominations because I love them as my brothers indeed.

I call to all Filipino viewers in my country must be vigilant on watching shows at all times.  May I ask to all parents to guide and to monitor all your children on watching television day and night.

To all the members of Movie Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) must sanction or give warning to the hosts and anchors of all programs against Filipino viewers and welfare of women and children then decide whether to reprimand or to suspend immediately.

And finally to all the broadcast networks (ABS-CBN-2, GMA-7 and TV5) must have ethics to “authorize” sanction all the erring behaviors of your talents, hosts and anchors in your network company!

God bless everyone!


5 thoughts on “Responding To Vice Ganda’s “Rape Joke” and Insult to Jessica Soho

  1. sORRY sa english ko.. di ako perfect.

    both personalities deserve acknowledgement on their respective crafts…

    both parties have already expressed their “what-they-think-is-right” opinions.
    both parties have already defended their “what-they-think-is-just” scenarios.

    one side says that “rape joke” should never be tolerated as a laugh-at matter at any show at any occassion.
    the other side says that “rape joke” was taken out of context and has glittered out with new different meaning.

    if i may ask you a question… would you ever feel celebrated if you keep on dipping and adding other issues just to defend your party and make them appear to be ahead of this situation?

    Oh c’mon!!!

    one thing’s for sure… both parties are victims here!
    one’s misunderstood and the other one’s subjected for public-fun.

    after all… As what the old saying says… “We’re just humans”

    we are born
    we live
    we make fun
    we make mistakes
    we get hurt
    we make enemies
    we realize
    we ask for forgiveness
    we ask for space and time
    we forgive
    we make friends
    we learn
    we cry
    we die

    Life’s too short to spend much time to an issue “which was dead 11 days ago” and “resurrected just recently” by “uber sensitive personalities”.

    In my humble opinion…
    That “context” won’t make Ms. Jessica Soho a little less person…
    (Because she’s not little… LOL)
    She is an authority when it comes to news and public affairs…
    It’s just that her “friends” are so concerned about her that time after “11 days ago” of watching an incomplete scenario.

    In short the suspects here are Ms. Jessica Soho’s “friends”.
    If they didn’t react that way… would all those who watched Vice Ganda’s concert spread the news that “RAPE” is something “OK” to be a subject of a laughline? I don’t think so.

    Educated people knows the boundary of “JOKE” and “REALITY”.
    It’s like Venn’s Diagram.. if you’re familiar with it.. as far as i can remember it’s a representation of the separation and overlapping of two or more variables.

    I understand the fact that Ms. Jessica Soho stands on her friends’ side… because those are her friends.
    I also understand the fact that Vice Ganda made an apology to Ms. Jessica Soho needless to say, he should’ve not made any.

    Why is it the other more popular personalities didn’t react the same way as Ms. Jessica Soho’s friends and herself?
    Was it really because of the “very strong word” – RAPE?
    or Does it have something to do with the “network war?”

    I’m sure everyone who have watched the concert will agree with me,
    “WEIGHING SCALE”,”LECHON” AND “APPLE” are just the things we remembered clearly until now (and I can’t help but laugh while I’m typing this sentence… hahaha)

    Ms. Jessica Soho, no matter what kind of joke is thrown to you… no matter how degrading it is, again… it won’t make you less a person.
    You are respected, loved and idolized. Just be careful next time not to get carried away so easily. Again.. it’s a BIG JOKE.. unless you’re hit from the center.

    Vice Ganda, there are many unpopular comedians/comediennes out there who joke far-worse than you. You make us laugh, forget our problems for a short time, and learn also from your broad and witty mind. You’re also respected, loved and idolized. Just remember, next time… choose the people who you think who doesn’t have friends who have hidden-intentions.

    More power to both of my idols! You’re victims here!

    1. Praise God! I found out Vice Ganda apologized to Ms. Jessica Soho. Vice admitted mistakes but it is a taboo. It was not Jessica Soho as a victim but women and children are the true victims of rape and it’s a sensitive issue. According to Jim Paredes through his twitter (via @jimparedes): “Taboo Joke topic guide: No jokes abt rape, torture, genocide, racial discrimination. And most importantly, bomb jokes at airports!!” Hope you will understand that. It is also prohibited here in Canada about taboo’s joke.

    2. The gay concert went beyond what a concert is all about. It was more of a variety show, an extension of It’s ShowTime rather than a concert. He even went to the extent of letting some personalities say the words, ipasok sa pipi, kinda thingy. It was gross! I agree, life is too short, we need to laugh, but about jokes that humiliate or abuse other people. Likewise, I urged everyone to boycott his shows so that we won’t hear any of his jokes that put down other prominent or ordinary people.

  2. Any idiot can make stupid tasteless jokes about panties. Its so jologs. Mabuti na nga at nangyari ito. Akala ata ni Vice ganda e lahat ng Tao tuwang -tuwa sa kanya. Puwes, Marami kaming nababastusan at nababaduyan sa kanya!

    1. Vice Ganda wasn’t happy by the people not just in the Philippines but Filipino communities around the world. His jokes are tasteless and hit below the belt.

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