My Reaction To End The RH Bill Debate in Congress

After more than a year,  the House of the Representatives in the Philippines had culminated the debate over the controversial House Bill 4244 or the Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health and Population and Development Act of 2011.  The bill will now undergo the period of amendments. Under House rules, lawmakers are given the chance to introduce and challenge amendments to a proposed legislation during this period. I believe that this bill will approve to the second and third reading at the lower chamber in Philippine Congress.  I am praying in the Philippine Senate to pass the RH Bill and it will be signed by President Benigno S. Aquino, III hopefully before the end of the year 2012.  I feel that this is the sign of victory for my fellow PRO RH Bill group but the fight isn’t yet over until the bill will be enacted to a law.

I wrote my final stand to push the RH Bill into the law a year ago because there are many expectant mothers will die after giving birth without the knowledge of the Reproductive Health. I am talking about the health or life and death situations of expectant mothers more than the vain teachings of the Catholic Church.

Catholic Bishops and clergy are still preaching to their dioceses or parishes, according to Fr. Joaquin Bernas S.J., that RH Bill ipso facto is a serious sin or merits of excommunication.  I quit as a Catholic that I found out the hypocrisies and corruptions of the hierarchy because they never helped the poor nowadays.  They claim Catholic Church as a poor religious organization but the fact they have billions of pesos which still kept in their pockets and diverted it to buy luxurious vehicles, homes, offices and more but the Catholic followers who are residing in their slum areas near creeks and waterways.  Therefore, those Catholic Bishops and clergy in the Philippines are the worst preachers around the world!

The RH-RP Bill doesn’t allow abortion and never compel on using any contraceptives or abortifacients because abortion is a biggest and most serious crime against humanity.  The bill pushes the two child policy neither mandatory nor compulsory.  It will respect moral convictions and religious beliefs, protect the unborn child by providing health services, and save the lives of mothers from death after giving birth.

RP-RH Bill will protect,  provide, and access the full range of information on family planning methods (both natural and artificial), services and facilities   regardless on their beliefs.  This bill is still committed to protect all health and lives of all mothers.  It reduces maternal and infant mortality as well.

I pray to all the Philippine Legislators to change their hearts and open their minds to solve the issue of overpopulation in the Philippines.  To the Catholic Bishops and clergy in the Philippines who are the violators of the Philippine Laws, BACK-OFF!!! It’s time to pass the RH Bill and save all expectant mothers in the Philippines from unexpected maternal deaths.


One thought on “My Reaction To End The RH Bill Debate in Congress

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