Unfinished Activities at CCF

I haven’t yet found the church here in Canada more than 3 months from now but I am still watching the Live Streaming video at the Christ’s Commission Fellowship (CCF) official website (via http://www.ccf.org.ph) and at CCF-Alabang, my first Christian fellowship church and second home, (http://www.ccf-alabang.org) every weekend.

I still recall when I was driving and heading to CCF-Alabang to attend the First Worship at 8 in the morning.  I got a copy of CCF Weekly Chronicles before entering at the worship hall.

I became a volunteer as a powerpoint operator for the lyrics that always flashed to the giant projector inside the control room.  I dreamed to handle cameras, audio, and a worship director during the Sunday Worship Service but filled with deepest regrets to extend my volunteer or other activities there at CCF-Alabang because I received my permanent resident visa to Canada on October 25, 2011, five days after my baptism. I left Manila bound to Canada on November 12, 2011.

I have an unfinished activities at CCF but the Lord had the reason and purpose to leave Metro Manila, Philippines because I am currently studying piano on the 6th level at the New Conservatory of Music here in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.  The Lord really knows that I must precisely focus to practice piano and I am not actually fit to handle as a worship director.  Playing piano is part of my worship and offer for God and to others.  I really don’t know that I received from God as a talent to play the piano.

I’ll come back to CCF to play “LIVE” as a soloist piano after three or four years to pursue my Canadian Citizenship.  It’s my prayer and I will fulfill it with the divine assistance from above.


2 thoughts on “Unfinished Activities at CCF

  1. Hi Chester, I look forward with excitement for that day when you will come back and play solo for the glory of God!!! Ptr Joby

  2. Yes, we need a CCF here in T.O. I miss the Bible studies, Sunday worship, and the community. Maybe you should start a cel group here or something.

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