I celebrated the first monthsary yesterday that I arrived from Manila to Toronto, Ontario, Canada last November 12, 2011. I had previously published here in my blog on July 30, 2011 to bid farewell to my former teachers, cousins, relatives and friends there in the Philippines.  I filled with mixed emotions and really missed my colleagues, Pastors Joby Soriano, Nathan Leigh and EJ Del Mundo at Christ’s Commission Fellowship (CCF) in Alabang.  I am sending prayers to the CCF-Alabang Singles Ministry that always pray and meditate deeply on reading the Bible at all times.

My mother introduced and gave me a can of Canada Dry’s Ginger Ale Soda that I first tasted it during my long flight at the AIR CANADA.  Well, Ginger Ale Soda is a nice drink better than the ordinary sodas and colas and the color of the liquid soda looks like a malt of beer but it doesn’t have a mixture of alcohol content (I will write the facts about Ginger Ale soon). I introduced to my friends on facebook and posted it as my profile picture and lasted it for two or three weeks.

I will spend my “Winter Wonderland Christmas” with my parents here in Canada.  I saw snow flurries falling outside in each place of Toronto, Canada.  It’s really so cold outside in Canada with the wind chill effect of -10ᵒc so I must be careful for my health because I haven’t yet registered the Ontario Health Insurance Policy (OHIP) Card for medical treatment.

My parents bought me a piano equipment and music books (electric keyboard with 88 notes – standard and amplifier) at Long and McQuayde more than two weeks ago.  I spent on playing the piano during the three day Christmas party at Sunlife — which my father is currently working as a financial advisor.  He advised me to practice playing piano and new songs because I will play on the debut party of  Innah who is the daughter of Bro. Iggy and Sis Tess Gelido, (they are the members of Couples of Christ (CFC) — a Filipino Catholic Organization) this coming January 28, 2012.

My father’s good friend Robin Lopes, who is also a financial advisor and co-manager of Sunlife, told me a couple of days ago that I will enjoy and spend more days and years to come here in Canada.  Thank you, Robin and God bless you and to your wife, Tina!

I made my two poems here on my blog that possibly to make 2 songs:  Look at the Stars in the Sky (December 18, 2009) and A True Maestro of Your Life (November 19, 2011).  I ask God for one day that I want to teach piano for the poor children if they have no knowledge in music to alleviate illiteracy.

I remember Efren Peñaflorida who founded the pushcart education advocacy and he won as the Hero of the Year on CNN Heroes two years ago.

This is my brand new start here in Canada.  I have a dream to be a great conductor and a maestro either orchestra, symphony or a small ensemble here in Canada.  I must focus first on playing piano as my first step until I will reach to be a conductor of music in ten or fifteen years time.

Thank you, dear Almighty Father, for spending me here in one month here in Canada and more months and years to come.


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