A True Maestro of Your Life

When a maestro is the busiest and most successful person here on earth

He’s the chief conductor and a highest class musical director

Of the orchestra, symphony, ensemble, and all the bands.

He’s arranging the classical music

Filled with key signatures, accidentals, signs and correct pitch or tempo

Like the immortal preludes and fugues of Bach

The pathetique sonatas of Beethoven, Mozart, and Tchaikovsky

The tragic stage opera of Puccini’s “Tosca”

The pictures from an exhibition of Mussorgsky

The Etudes of Chopin, rhapsodies, overtures and different variations of Rachmaninoff, Gershwin and Verdi

The maestro is also called a “good shepherd”

He takes care of the musicians not to lead them gone astray

He checks all instruments if it is in good tune or not

But he includes the attitudes and solves the problems of each performer before the rehearsal

He puts the arranged music score sheets at the podium

He uses the baton stick to swing his two pierced hands

While the members are watching and following his gestures

He advises to the musicians to practice constantly each piece a day

To avoid mistakes and to make perfect through praying before or during the actual performance

After the first successful night’s performance

A young woman met and approached the maestro in an empty auditorium for a little talk

She introduced to him as a vocal soloist.

When the maestro observed her crying and asked her,

“Why are you crying?”

“I was de-orchestrated by such gossips of the band so I quit!” she replied

The maestro felt with pity and wiped her tears to cease crying.

He said to her that kind of the band has filled with music of intrigues.

Again the maestro said,

“Don’t mind them ‘coz they are like noisy gongs and crashing cymbals without the leader!”

The maestro created and improvised in his heart

A piece of melody with words played on a piano called, “Solfeggio of Life”

That song filled with positive thoughts of a true music.

He broke the traditions of the ancient music writers

But he retained the “Si-hi-ho-ho” principle instead of “Do-Re-Mi”

He gave this piece and taught to the vocal soloist to sing the improvised song

With the right flow of true harmony and music filled with faith, hope and love.

She warmly welcomed by him with the members of the orchestra as her new family

But the maestro warns to each member not to spread gossips to belittle her.

They treated her as sister and accompanied her with peace inside the chamber of music.

The maestro began to play the intro with the members of the orchestra on the following night’s concerto

Then the vocal soloist started to sing the improvised song at the center stage as accompanied by the orchestra

She glanced, showed, overcame and boosted her confidence to the audience.

Then the maestro and the orchestra had concluded the song with smooth endings

Then the audience gave a standing ovation to the maestro, to the orchestra and to the vocal soloist.

He gave flowers to her and a baton stick as a souvenir

And she said, “Thank you for teaching me the true music of life, maestro!”

The maestro replied with a smile, “You’re welcome. Always sing it daily to your heart!’

She saw the handle of the stick with an inscription:




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