My favorite topic “Praying Bold Prayers” on the 6th chapter of Pastor Joel Osteen’s latest book, “It’s Your Time.”  Osteen said in an excerpt on page 71, “Jesus put it this way: ‘According to your faith it will be done unto you.’ That means if you pray for a little, you will receive a little.  But if you can learn to pray bold prayers, and big prayers, and expect big, and believe big, God will do big things in your life.”

My prayers become bolder and better than before.  My family sponsor application was approved by the Federal Government of Canada last February 15, 2010.

I received the notice through an email that was forwarded by my mother. I read the notice about the schedule of the interview was April 6, 2011.  I went to the Canadian Embassy with the interpreter to avoid nervousness during the interview.  Now, I am finally vindicated because my prayers were answered by God because I passed the interview and obtained the visa on my 33rd birthday last July 22!  Thank you, Lord, for hearing and answering my petitions every day and night.  I would also like to thank to the Canadian Visa Officers that you worked well to process my papers for one and a half years.  God bless and Vive to the Canadian Visa Officers!

It’s about my time to reunite with my parents to Canada. I really missed all their important annual occasions (i.e. birthdays, Christmases, New Years, Fathers and Mothers’ Day, et cetera).  I will miss going to the malls, churches or adoration chapels, former alma mater schools and university, and beaches in Boracay and Bohol while I was here in the Philippines.

I had absolutely forgiven to my teachers and enemies of the pasts who gave me bitter remarks or grades in school or university and to all my former classmates who bullied, mocked and opposed me.

It’s about time to mortify pessimism from my relatives on my father side because it has strongly opposed to my Catholic-Christian faith.

I am officially closing the 33 chapter years of my life here in Manila, Philippines. It’s time to move on.  I thanked the Lord for saving my life that I was almost fatally hit by stray bullets during the shooting rampage at the front of PGH in Taft Avenue, Manila fifteen years ago.  He’s still guarded and protected by His Angels and Holy Spirit.

The reason I must leave Manila due to the harsh effects of politics (i.e., mudslinging, etc.), military adventurism, and more.  I’m sick and tired of those pesky issues of political debauchery.  This is what I called it “Political Crabs” because politicians kill fellow politicians including their kin due to vain blood shed during election period.

President Noynoy has a chance to reunite this nation but he must answer the issues of Hacienda Luisita that some protesters are still crying for justice due to bloody dispersal in December 2004. I ask PNoy to distribute land not the stock distributions options (SDOs ) for the peasant farmers in Tarlac and if the Supreme Court will decide soon.

To the Barrameda family,  you must never give up the fight for Ruby Rose Barrameda.  I am still crying and grieving the loss of my friend when I met her at University of Perpetual Help fifteen years ago.  I won’t forget her warm smile and humble woman but she was barking on the wrong tree due to complicated relationship.  I am deeply missed you, Ruby Rose, and so long!!!

For Andrea Bianca Martin Manzano  (@andimanzano), ignore haters and forgive them.  Learn to forgive your critics and enemies also. One of these days, they will be your good friends at the end.  Andi, ignore rumors about your past relationships and move on. I have options to leave your fan page but I will write either short or long message through your twitter because I will too busy in Canada.  (Someday, you’ll add me as your friend here at facebook.)  I won’t forget you, Andi, because you’re the happiest, most beautiful and sweetest woman here on earth! I love you!!!

Thank you to my cousins, relatives, and friends for praying me that I want to reunite with my parents in Canada.  I also thank to Tita Edith Alfaro for giving me an advice on writing checks eligibly to avoid technical mistakes before paying bills or transacting from bank to bank.  To Ms. Cristina Castro and all the staff at the Philtrust Bank in Sucat, Paranaque.  Thank you and I love you everyone!!!

I will open for another 33 chapter years in Canada that I plan to make my new horizons whether to be a pianist or soon to be a maestro of music.  I will humbly start to play piano or organ in the church or ministry.

Thank you to Bro Jenor Aguilar that I was a volunteer at the Director’s booth.  I will use these skills for the ministry.  I thank to all my classmates at the Global Leadership Center at Christ Commission Fellowship in Alabang.  I am still praying to Pastors Peter TanChi and Pastor Joby Soriano to continue spreading the Word of God and church planting.   Weeks, months, and years are growing some members there at CCF-Alabang.  I am praying to open the Christ Commission Fellowship in Toronto, Ontario, Canada soon to continue to be a member in your ministry that I started since November 2010.

I have dreams like to play on the center stage and I need more constant practice to avoid mistakes due to procrastinations and nervousness. My piano mentor and resident teacher of Yamaha School of Music, Ms. Fe Cases, told me “constant practice makes perfect.” To avoid procrastinations and nervousness, I will ask God that He is my true source of inspiration.  He will find me a real woman who inspires me like Him that my nervousness will be abated.  I will start recording my piano videos and loading it in in 2011.

Going to Canada is not so easy.  After my arrival in Toronto, I will adjust my time, culture, government policies, religion, and intermingle with my co-newcomers from various countries around the globe.  I will study English to enhance daily speaking and writing skills because it’s applicable for applying jobs, interviews, daily conversations, writing blogs/journals, and more. I will face my toughest struggles or “stiffest” competitions especially applying jobs in Canada but God is on my side.

I am ready to endure the frost and chill in Toronto, Canada.  I will shovel the thick  inches of snow falling to the ground! In fall time, I want to pick up dried maple leaves scattered on the ground and place it in my future scrap journal which symbolize an honest and trustworthy Canadian citizens like me.

I will be a good parent to my children, raise and teach them with the fear of the Almighty.  (If I will be a religious, I will teach them how to be a good musician.)  They must stay away from the worst influences of drugs, alcohol, and felon groups for their future in Canada.

To my parents, thank you and I love you so much because you are the love of my life!

Goodbye Philippines! Hello Canada!



  1. geetings in christ …i see you your a good follower of God.and youve been attending ‘ccf’ way back at philippines,me too.and im blessed to know that youre praying to open a ccf here at canada.looks like youre interested in the work of God here…im a filipino here at canada..lets keep in touch.this is my email ( always use facebook so i give you the name of my account.(Kim Aldrin Requiem).

    thank you and God bless

  2. greetings in christ..i see your a great christian serving God.and your attending CCF way back at philippines me too…would you mind if we keep in touch.i give you my email ( ) facebook ( Kim Aldrin Requiem ) a filipino here at canada..hope you can help me to expand God’s kingdom here..

    Thank you and Godbless

  3. Welcome to Canada dear CCFer! I’m Manny Collado who just came to Toronto exactly 2 years ago yesterday. My Dra Emmy and I belonged to the D12 of Pastor Glenn Obligacion until she died in January 2006. Life was so very difficult since I had to start finding ways to support my teen-age kids. During our married life she had a very good practice at Heart Center and pleaded me to look after the kids bringing them to kindergarden all the way to finishing high school.
    I re-married a Pinay-Canadian who sacrificed a lot to sponsor me including my 3 kids. I was deceived to had believed her to be a “christian”. We had a very rough sailing in our relationship in the past 2 years. Then we had a recent and big problem whom God Almighty used to humble us down and surrender everything to His Lordship. Now she’s willing to study the God’s Word. I just could find any church ‘close’ to CCF methodology.
    Hope we could find time to fellowship together. My cellphone number is 416-854-2971. God bless us! God bless CCF!!!

    1. Thank you, Bro Manuel, for typing this comment. I am still waiting for the visa from the Canadian Embassy. Some Canadian Employers at their mainland are getting mad to the Canadian Embassy because those visa officers are too slow to process papers of the Filipino applicants. I blamed the system at the Embassy not the people.

      Let’s pray to the Embassy for the speedy processing of the visa of some Filipino applicants and those who are missionaries at CCF like me. God bless and see you soon.

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