I Am Not Ashamed To Call Me A CHRISTIAN

“Yet if any man suffer as a Christian, let him not be ashamed; but let him glorify God on this behalf.”  — I Peter 4:16, KJV

These were the words written by the Apostle Peter to encourage believers not to be ashamed to call them “Christians.”

I had previously written here in my blog about my official statement that I quit as a Catholic for nearly 33 years.  I have no deeper regrets to the Catholic bishops and clergy who are ranting to quash the House Bill No. 4244 or Reproductive Health Bill.  But I’m deeply saddened to my colleagues at the Presentation of the Child Jesus Parish (PCJ) because I am no longer attending the daily masses and disregarding the Catholic practices such as praying rosaries and chaplets, lauds and vespers of the Liturgy of the hours, the novenas, and more except reading the Bible.

It’s the start of the month of July to my dear co-bloggers and readers.  I started to study the Biblical Foundation one under the first level of the Global Leadership Center (GLC) at the Christ Commission Fellowship – Alabang (CCF-Alabang) every Wednesday night.  My classmates at Biblical Foundation I were amazed on my answers because I was so attentively participated in the class.  I haven’t yet baptized as a Christian but I have really learned the verses of the Scriptures.

My parents know that I am no longer a Catholic.  I will tell them soon in Canada that my faith really and strongly focuses in God through His Beloved Son Jesus Christ.  My loyalty to the Lord Jesus Christ still remains in my life. Therefore, I am not ashamed to call me a Christian whether here in my blog or different walks of my life.

I really can’t know the official day of my baptism to be a Christian because Satan will crush my future so I asked God through prayer to leave behind my future and I don’t really mind to give it to Satan.  To be a Christian, well, by immersing and obeying God’s Word daily that was taught by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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