Countdown For the Justice of Ruby Rose Barrameda

“Justice will be served and put to prison to the mastermind and perpetrators behind the murder of Ruby Rose.  I continue to pray for the Barrameda family must not lose hope but I impart with my prayers for them.” These were my excerpts from the fifth (5th) paragraph of  “Positive Outlooks for 2010” that I had written on December 28, 2009 not to lose hope for the Barrameda family.

I am inserting the news article from the Manila Bulletin about the one of the suspects of the brutal murder of Ruby Rose Barrameda was arrested last Friday in Bataan (from the news article “Ruby Rose Barrameda Suspect Arrested”. Posted at on June 17, 2011).

* * *

One of the suspects in the sensational killing of Ruby Rose Barrameda-Jimenez in 2007 was arrested pre-dawn Friday by police operatives at a house on Road 2, Polaris Subdivision, Barangay Mt. View, Mariveles, this province.

Senior Superintendent Arnold D. Gunnacao, Bataan Police Provincial Office (PPO) director, said that Lennard Descalso, 36, alias “Spyke,” a former policeman, was collared at his father’s residence around 12:30 a.m. by a raiding team composed of Bataan PPO intelligence agents and Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) operatives.

Based on testimonies submitted to the Malabon City Regional Trial Court Branch 170, Descalso was allegedly the one who strangled Ruby Rose to death before her body was stuffed into a steel drum and cemented before being thrown into sea.

The raiding team arrested Descalso on the strength of a warrant issued by Judge Hector Almeyda who is trying the murder case involving several suspects under Criminal Case No. 39225-MN dated Sept. 4, 2009.

Gunnacao said that the suspect went in his father’s residence at Polaris Subdivision, Mariveles last Wednesday night after hiding in different towns in Zambales.

When police tracker teams told Gunnacao that Descalso was in Mariveles, he gave the go-signal to Superintendents Allan Macapagal and Joel Tampis and Chief Inspector Rogarth B. Campo, chief of the Bataan CIDG, to seize the suspect.

Reports said that Ruby Rose disappeared two days before a hearing on March 16, 2007, when she was supposed to appear in court for cross-examination over a child custody dispute with her husband, Manuel Jimenez III.

The remains of Ruby Rose, sister of former beauty queen and actress Rochelle Barrameda, was found in a sealed metal drum in the seabed off the Navotas Port two years after her killing.

Ruby Rose’s husband, Manuel Jimenez III; her father-in-law, Manuel II; her uncle-in-law, Lope; and five others, including Descalso, are charged with r murder before the DOJ based on the affidavit of a witness.

The witness said Descalso, the former warehouse officer of Lope Jimenez’s BSJ Fishing and Trading Company, had been with Jimenez since 2003.

Meanwhile, a 45-year-old man wanted for kidnapping and carnapping and listed as the No. 1 most wanted person in Pulilan, Bulacan, was arrested by police at his old neighborhood in Barangay Poblacion last Thursday.

Senior Supt. Fernando H. Mendez Jr., acting Bulacan PPO director, said Emmanuel Valenzuela Angeles, married, of Poblacion, Pulilan, is the subject of standing warrants of arrest for cases of Kidnapping and Serious Illegal Detention in CC Number 16893 and Carnapping in CC Number 16892, both issued by RTC Branch 46, San Fernando City, Pampanga. (With a report by Freddie C. Velez)

* * *

You, my dear women in the Philippines and the rest of the globe, must strongly support this cause to condemn the cold-blooded murder of my former University of Perpetual Help Rizal (UPHR) colleague Ruby Rose Barrameda who disappeared and innocently put to death in March 2007.  Ruby Rose was killed due to the asphyxiation, stuffed inside the steel drum with the wet cement and placed her body inside the rectangular rusty metal case floated at the Navotas Bay.  Ruby Rose is still crying again for justice and I feel her cry in my heart!

The countdown for the Justice of Ruby Rose Barrameda has been started since the first day of her wake.  I am addressing again to the Barrameda family that I believe Ruby Rose will give justice and the murderers, including the brains, must put them behind the cold iron bars in this present administration. The days are numbered for all the murderers of Ruby Rose in God’s judgment!

To sisters Sciony and Rochelle, brother Jimwell, et. al., I am still in your side for the sake of Ruby Rose Barrameda.  NEVER GIVE-UP ON PRAYING FOR  RUBY ROSE BECAUSE GOD IS IN YOUR SIDE, THE REAL JUSTICE!!!

God on high, I am crying and grieving now for Ruby Rose.  Oh God, take good care for her spirit and fill her with Your love like Your Son Jesus. Ruby I really miss and love you so much!!!

I am praying for the LIVE trial coverage soon to seek the whole truth in this nation and the rest of the globe.

To the co-bloggers here at wordpress and other blog media sites, readers, and everyone please feel free to write more prayers and thoughts at the comment box in my blog to speed up the wheels of justice for Ruby Rose Barrameda.  God bless you!

2 thoughts on “Countdown For the Justice of Ruby Rose Barrameda

  1. I am with you —— I am hoping that justice will be served for Ruby Rose. She did not deserve to die, no one deserves to die in that way.

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