The Rift Between China and Philippines on Spratlys Dispute, Hopefully For Better Talks

Let’s change our mindset from “South China Sea” to “West Philippine Sea” which was ordered by the Philippine Government.  Our government ferociously edifies the claims that the islands of Spratlys or Kalayaan chain of islands that we believe these claims belong to us.

We started the exasperating diplomatic relations with China due to the hostage crisis at the Quirino Granstand on August 23, 2010 which killed 8 Chinese nationals and infuriated their families and relatives in China.

Last March, we were disappointed or disliked again the issue because the Chinese government continued to execute three Filipinos who were sentenced to death due to drug mules or drug couriers in China.

And now, China represents the force intimidation on the mischief reef according to our Philippine government.  For several years, there were numerous Chinese structures and materials using for oil explorations in our territorial seas.

China, as we recall, cultivated markers at the Scarborough shoal which is part of the Philippines.  The latest incident that China has felt to put markers on the reed bank according to the Philippine government.

China said that all claims at the South China Sea are belong to them.  According to the Philippine Government Official that China really bullies us.

The big question if the rift between the Philippines and China will intensify the situation: Which side will America take?  To the Philippines which became an ally of the U.S. since World War II? Or China has the biggest trading partner of U.S.?

The Philippines has a long time diplomatic relations with China.  We hope and pray for their better talks to top off the dispute claims.

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