Time to Comfort the People

Good day everyone.  I am addressing to the people in the United States and around the world who became victims of deceptions committed by Mr. Harold Camping on the FamilyRadio.com.

When I wrote the “May 21 Judgment Day is a Purely Hoax”, my blog was reached from 172 viewers two weeks ago to 248 viewers last Saturday.  People around the globe were filled with paranoia because Camping was preaching apostasy, time miscalculations and misinterpretations against the word of God.  The May 21 Judgment day was a biggest failure for Mr. Camping and to the loyal listeners of the Family Radio.

To my co-wordpress writers, bloggers, parents, visitors and educators that God is victorious but for Mr. Camping’s teachings and fame are like a quicksand because his popularity has been still buried more than six feet underground.  My anger for him is getting stronger because he traumatized billions of people around the world by frightening words to compel them to repent in his FamilyRadio.com.

I address to Mr. Camping that he must stop frightening and deceiving billions of people around the world because they haven’t yet received the Word of God by reading and learning the Bible.  Mr. Camping, GOD will tear you down your imaginations including your misinterpretations and time miscalculations that you abusively and erroneously used in the Bible.

I am praying for those people, who were frightened by Mr. Camping and his millions of cohorts last May 21, to comfort you in times of bigger sorrows and pains.  The Lord will mend your wounded hearts and set you free from sins.

Finally, the Apostle John taught you to test all preachers and prophets through their doctrines if they are belong to God or not (I John 4:1).  Never believe to the false prophets and preachers nowadays but believe to the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ and to his apostles in the Scriptures.

God bless you everyone!

2 thoughts on “Time to Comfort the People

  1. Thank You for speaking out and expressing your beliefs. As I read the above statement, I sensed your compassion and justifiable anger.
    I trust your voice will become a chorus of millions of voices who will, in the proven traditional way of all free and rational peoples, choose to either turn off and away from this singular voice and his radio station and move on with their lives. Or they can write to the station and tell them that they will no longer financially support or listen to his voice or their radio show and they will encourage others to do like wise. In either case this person and message will receive there just recompense.
    Other than this, I trust people will be awakened and learn from this experience to the fact that they must be eternally vigilant and they alone are responsible for the choices of who or what they will embrace in life. We were created to be rational choice makers not victims.

    1. Hi George. Thank you for writing your comments here on Chester2278’s World of Blogs. I started that campaign through my blog on the doomsday hoax issue to encourage everyone around the globe two weeks ago to be eternally vigilant against Mr. Harold Camping when he was speaking at the Family Radio. Camping is wanted by the people of the United States of America due to the fraudulent teachings and time miscalculations and misinterpretations. I know that you are not by an accident but my purpose not to be easily deceived by the false preachers and false messiahs nowadays. Camping must pay the price for his crime in God’s judgment.

      I am sending prayers for you and your family to share my blog for free… God bless you.

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