Warning to the Catholic Bishops and Clergy on the RH Bill Squabble

I read the column entitled, “Catholic Church to lose in RH Bill rift” written by Ramon Tulfo on Philippine Daily Inquirer (Tues, May 17, 2011 p. A26). Mr. Tulfo told in his first paragraph, “CATHOLIC bishops and priests should think twice before urging their followers to disobey laws, like evading taxes to pressure the government not to pass the responsible parenthood bill.”  He said, “If President Noy stands  pat on his administration reproductive health bill, there will be a clash between the Church and State.  The Catholic Church will lose.  It will not only be humiliated because its leaders will be jailed, it will find itself alienated from the faithful, most of whom think the country will benefit when the RH Bill becomes a law.  Those against RH Bill are fanatics and there are only very few of them.”

Mr. Tulfo was right that the Bishops and clergy must think twice not to disobey the Philippine laws.  Those Bishops and Clergy are like kings who are promoting and putting “Red Ribbons” which symbolize rebellion against our present administration and government!

This is the biggest warning to the Catholic Bishops and Clergy that putting “Red Ribbon” is an enemy of God.  The red dragon is Satan (Revelation 12:3-9).  And the red horse symbolizes war and bloodshed without peace (Revelation 6:4).

I ask to the Catholic Faithfuls that you must be calm and don’t be gullible of igniting emotions by the Bishops and the Clergy.  Think several times!

I am giving you a Biblical verse for the Bishops and clergy.  It’s written in Romans 13:1-2, NASB: “[1] Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities.  For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God.  [2] Therefore whoever resists authority has opposed the ordinance of God; and they who have opposed will receive condemnation upon themselves.”

The Apostle Paul advises and warns to all Philippine Catholic Bishops and Clergy if you are attempting to disobey the Philippine Government and opposing God’s ordinance in the Scriptures, you will receive a condemnation against HIM!

Quitting my Catholic Faith is Official

It’s time: I am peacefully and voluntarily surceasing my Catholic Faith because I abhor the Sacred Traditions Teachings of the Catholic church and it’s contrary to the Holy Scriptures.  To my fellow Catholics, I am sorry and please forgive me that I need my faith to move on and to surrender to the crucified Lord.  My Catholic faith is now OVER!

* * * * *

I will write my blog either tomorrow or Thursday (Philippine Time) about the false preachers and prophets based on the Bible and the continuous discussions about Harold Camping and Family Radio’s May 21 Judgment Day fabrication.

* * * * *

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