Skyrocketv.i., v.t. to rise or cause to rise very rapidly or suddenly, often with great display or notice; shoot up.

The prices of gasoline and diesel are skyrocketing every week.  I read the Philippine Star today that the continuing rise in international oil prices like Shell, Petron, Chevron, Total and Eastern Petroleum have raised their pump prices anew here in the Philippines. The oil firms said they will increase their unleaded gasoline by P1.40 per liter, regular gasoline by P1 per liter and kerosene by 30 centavos per liter.  This price adjustment took effect last May 3, 2011.  The story was shocking and venting anger against consumers!

I am really stunned that some prices of basic commodities at the groceries, wet markets and malls are skyrocketing too due to the domino effects of oil price hike (OPH)!  I include also the price increase adjustments of the electricity at the Manila Electric Company (MERALCO), water supplies at MAYNILAD and Manila Waters, too!  It’s still disappointing to the people to hear that kind of bad news again and again!

Meanwhile, the population in the Philippines will be skyrocketed at 140 million in 2040!  According to the news comes from National Statistics Office that the Philippine population would also become older as it is projected that child-bearing rate by women in the country will continue to decline and the survival rates of all age groups will improve.  In 2005, the age group 0-14 accounted for 35.0 percent of the nation’s total population.  By 2010, this age group would compromise 33.0 percent and by 2040, 23.1 percent.  Meanwhile, 4.3 percent of the Filipinos would be 65 and over by year 2010, and by year 2040, 9.7 percent of them would be in the same age group.

CALABARZON, the NSO added, has 11.9 million while NCR obtains 11.6 million.  By 2040, CALABARZON will obtain 18.5 million.  Central Luzon will get 15.0 million.

Well, Philippines is too overpopulated and skyrocketed due to the adjustment of fertility rates.  I am praying that this country will be controlled if the Reproductive Health Bill will be passed soon but those Catholic Bishops are refused to impose the said bill.  I am strongly blamed and condemned to the Catholic Bishops that you deceived Filipinos for 400 rotten years!  You follow the Sacred Traditions created by the Vatican but you disobey the teachings of the Apostle Paul and our Lord Jesus Christ based on the Scriptures!  Therefore, they are the strongest obstacles because this country is still sliding backwards instead of moving forward to progress!  We are still in third world country due to the crab mentality attitudes of the Catholic Bishops!

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