Private Iris: A New Hero Character

Private Iris (Image courtesy of

Who will never forget to read the comic heroes like Superman, Batman, Captain Barbell, Panday, and more?  There’s a new hero character, whether you love her or not, let me welcome  Iris Able on her new comic series in town and around the world:  Private Iris.

For the sake of the readers on this blog, who is Iris Able?

Iris Able is the smartest kid in MacGuffin Plains.  She not only has an encyclopedic knowledge about science, technology and math, she is also very observant and is amazing at solving puzzles.  She is so smart that high school students actually pay her to help them with their homework and projects.  But Iris is also a loner (but “too elusive”) who likes to keep to herself, usually hiding out in her secret headquarters underneath the forest near her home.  She doesn’t like hanging out with people and so the other kids in town find her weird. Iris also hates it when students are dishonest in their classwork since she works hard for her grades. She often catches cheaters with her uncanny observation skills and intelligence.  Because the other kids in school consider her to be a snitch and because nobody knows much about her, they tease her by calling her “Private Iris”.

Iris only has one friend: Danton Cord, one of the most popular boys in school.  Danton is the only person in school she trusts and he is the only person who can get through to her.  Iris usually ends up helping other people in town because Danton often asks her to as a favor to him.  She often isn’t too happy about helping the people who tease and ridicule her, but she believes that if Danton  vouches for them, they must be worth helping.  So armed with her arm band full of gadgets and her incredible brains, Iris helps Danton solve mysteries around town, giving a new meaning to her handle of  “Private Iris”. (Article courtesy of


Jamie Bautista graduated cum laude from the Ateneo de Manila University with a degree in Communications, and has spent the years since then as a freelance graphic designer, writer and teacher. He taught classes in English literature and comics theory and appreciation at Ateneo de Manila University, The Beacon School, Assumption College and Xavier School. He is currently also general manager at LSA Printing Press and publisher of Nautilus Comics. He has published the National Book Award winning Siglo: Freedom and Siglo: Passion. Private Iris is Jamie Bautista’s latest project lined up after a career in teaching comic book classes in various universities and the creation of the long-running comic series Cast which is his other collaboration with artist Arnold Arre.

Arnold Arre has won National Book Awards from the Manila Critics Circle for his graphic novels The Mythology Class (1999), a four-part action-adventure miniseries that was re-released as a Special Collected Edition by Adarna House in 2005 and Trip to Tagaytay (2000), a one-shot future fiction short story. Both were released under his self-owned Tala Comics Publishing. His other titles include the romantic comedy After Eden (2002), published by Adarna House, and the self-published Ang Mundo ni Andong Agimat (2006).

Aside from his comics work, Arnold has done numerous design and illustration jobs for various clients such as The San Miguel Foundation for the Performing Arts and Sony BMG Music Entertainment Philippines. He has also taken part in local and international group exhibits and has had a one-man fantasy-themed show, Mythos in 2000.


Blue Cow published and visualized a comic book that would be informative and enjoyable for the younger generation and at the same time relevant to the needs of children and their families.  Jaime’s ideas for the comic book merged well with Blue Cow’s objectives, thus Private Iris was born.

The first step in learning is appreciating the medium from which such values emerge. Private Iris is poised to become a treasure chest of both excitement and knowledge that aims to initiate its readers to further read and live-out the lessons they have learned. (Excerpts from

For more information about the news and events about Iris and Danton, simply visit at 


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