40 Days of Love

I’m starting to write on my blog this fire prevention, graduation, and women’s month of March.

I really missed writing blogs because I am focusing right now on reading the newest book called, “The Relationship Principles of Jesus” written by Pastor Tom Holladay and published by Zondervan Publishing.  This book is also known as “The 40 Days of Love.”

“The Relationship Principles of Jesus” covers the six (6) principles of the relationships in just 6 weeks or 40 days.  That book is an extension study of Purpose Driven Life written by Rick Warren and sold millions of copies worldwide.

The “40 Days of Love” is the newest campaign program of Christ Commission Fellowship and will start at 7:30 tonight at CCF Alabang.  The aim for this campaign, CCF said, “The Bible gives us some important principles on mending a severed bond between a father and his son, bringing back happiness in a marriage that is on the brink of failure, or just simply building great relationships among co-workers.  God can help us experience breakthroughs in our relationships.” I am spending more time to Jesus within 6 weeks for a greater and healthier relationships with him and to the people.


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