SC absolves Hubert Webb, et. al

I would like to begin the sad breaking news that the Supreme Court acquits Hubert Webb and other six suspects of the Vizconde Massacre.  I will get the top  story from that a vote of 7-4-4 on Tuesday, the Supreme Court (SC) reversed two lower courts’  findings that found him and eight others guilty of killing three members of the Vizconde family almost two decades ago.

While nine people may have been accused in the case, the court only took action on seven of them. This is because the two others, Artemio Ventura and Joey Filart, remain at large to this day.

According to SC spokesman Jose Midas Marquez, the court acquitted the seven “for the failure of the prosecution to rule their guilt beyond reasonable doubt,” said Marquez.

“They are ordered released from detention unless for another lawful cause,” said Marquez, adding that the high tribunal’s decision was immediately executory.

He said the SC has directed the Bureau of Corrections to report to the court within five days.

Aside from Webb, those acquitted were:

Antonio Lejano;

Michael Gatchalian;

Miguel Rodriguez;

Hospicio Fernandez;

Peter Estrada,

Jose Mendoza and

former policeman Gerardo Biong.

The justices who voted in favor of the acquittal were:

Associate Justices Roberto Abad;

Conchita Carpio-Morales;

Diosdado Peralta;

Lucas Bersamin;

Jose Perez, and

Ma. Lourdes Sereno.

Those who dissented were:

Chief Justice Renato Corona;

Associate Justices Martin Villarama;

Teresita Leonardo-De Castro, and

Arturo Brion

Those who took no part in the deliberations were:

  • Associate Justices Antonio Carpio;
  • Mariano del Castillo;
  • Eduardo Nachura, and
  • Presbitero Velasco.
  • In handing down the decision, the court questioned the quality of the witnesses presented during the Vizconde massacre trial.

    According to Marquez, the SC said the so-called star witness, Jessica Alfaro, was “an NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) agent and not really an eyewitness.”

    “There were also suspicious details and the quality of testimony shows there are inherent inconsistencies. The supposed corroborations cannot be relied on. There is reasonable and lingering doubt on the guilt of the accused,” Marquez added.

    Webb’s camp had earlier questioned Alfaro’s credibility, saying she only agreed to play out the role of an eyewitness.

    In the motion to discredit Alfaro, Webb’s camp cited the testimony of former NBI personnel Artemio Sacaguing, who earlier said Alfaro was only an NBI informant who volunteered to pretend to be an eyewitness.

    — All paragraphs come from

    Here are the following reactions on the twitter about the acquittal of the Vizconde Massacre Suspects:

    Jim Paredes (@jimparedes):  I feel bad for vizconde. Where does he get justice? But if hubert et al are innocent, it is but ryt they should be freed finally.

    Suzy of Magic 89.9 (suzy899):  my heart is breaking for lauro vizconde. hubert webb too, for those 15 wasted years he can never get back.

    Former Congressman Ruffy Biazon (ruffybiazon): As I tweeted earlier, it is a tragedy for all.

    Angelu De Leon-Rivera (@AngeluDLRivera) “@iamchesterdiaz: @AngeluDLRivera Did you portray in the Vizconde Massacre before? What’s your thoughts about the acquittal of the massacre suspects?”- yes I did. I feel bad and sad for both parties. Both have lost. Mr.Vizconde lost his family and Hubert lost 15years of life. They both can’t bring back what has been taken away. I pray that compassion will rein and let God bring justice to them.

    Aiko Melendez  (@aikomelendez): Just a thought justice has been served to webb and his companion. Hope justice will be served to vizconde too. Alfaro should pay for all her.

    Fr. Jboy Gonzales (@jboygonzalessj): H. Webb case. In Phil, u dont know who’s telling the truth & who’s covered it up. Happy 4 Webb & sorry 4 Vizconde are all valid reactions.

    Ms. Tintin Babao (@tintinbabao):  masakit para k Mr Vizonde. Masakit din para s Webb fmily & all accused if inosente pala tlga sila tpos makukulong forevr.Who is d KILLER?

    Ms. Pia Magalona (@piamagalona): Nevermind any and all of that, I just never could stand Jessica Alfaro. Eewness.

    Saab Magalona (@saabmagalona): I feel so bad for Lauro Vizconde 😦 I wish he wouldn’t question God. It would be really sad for a man who lost his family to lose faith too

    Miriam Quiambao (@miriamq):  Mixed. Feel anguish of Vizconde. Hubert sadly wasted 15 yrs. On the other hand, a new life & blessed Christmas for d Webbs…perhaps it’s time for Mr. Vizconde 2 learn 2 let go & let God. It is only this way where he wil find freedom. Justice is God’s.




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