My twitter conversations Second Series

Hello to all blog readers, this is my second series of my twitter conversations on my wordpress blog.  I interviewed with Carlos Celdran through the twitter this morning that he’s still supporting the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill.  He displayed “Damaso” during the mass inside the Manila Cathedral happened late September or early October.  Damaso was a notorious clergy character of the late Gat. Jose Rizal’s “Noli Me Tangere.” Celdran wore a Crisostomo Ibarra costume to fight against the Bishops and Clergy who opposed of passing the RH Bill.  He was arrested by the clergy staff of the Manila Cathedral and paid a bail for a temporary freedom for a few days.  Here are my conversations with Carlos Celdran:

@iamchesterdiaz:  Good morning. What’s your agenda?

@carlosceldran:  My agenda for the day is groceries and errands. Normal day for a normal people.

@iamchesterdiaz: Will you still continue the DAMASO issue against to the Catholic clergy?

@carlosceldran:  If they keep blackmailing politicians with excommunication and damnation and spreading lies about RH. Of course I will.

@iamchesterdiaz:  Take care always and thank you.


Carlos Celdran, a new actor of the Noli Me Tangere of our time.  Thank you, sir.

I have my stand on RH BILL please follow this link:


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