Uncertain Future Plans in Canada

I had previously written on my blog that I shared to Andi Manzano through her twitter about my plans after my arrival to Canada.  I posted the tweet long message through twitlonger and published it on my blog on the next day. Andi replied to me that she will keep it her in mind.  Thanks Andi!!!

This is my 70th blog writing here on my wordpress since I started blogging in August 2008.  I will be migrating to Canada during the first quarter of 2011. I’ll spend Christmas and New Year here in Manila, Philippines.  I believe that the official notice from Canadian Embassy in Manila will send it to me this month of November.  I need more prayers now, dear readers and bloggers!!!

My future plans in Canada are still uncertain.  I am still happy to reunite with my parents there in Canada.  My new official home address in Canada will be at #34 Parsell Square, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.

I will mingle with the newcomers from different countries and join with my Filipino communities through religious and non-government organizations in Canada.  Dad and I will continue small business there in Canada.  Instead to work with my parents, I will play piano in the church every Sunday and to teach students on playing the piano.

I am still targeting to be a future maestro or conductor of music.  I will find a conservatory school to learn how to arrange music.  I don’t want to imitate my dad’s elder brother who did not finish his conservatory course (I regretted him) because he went to Guam early for financial assistance to his nine siblings at that time.

I have ambitions to write travel or lifestyle section in the newspaper including Tagalog novel through blog.  I have plans to publish it in Philippines in 5 to 10 years or I will make it into a movie soon.

Oh God, thank you, help me to release me doubts and uncertainties for my future plans in Canada. Guide me along the way with your Son Jesus especially to my future friends in Canada.  Amen.


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