My twitter conversations First Series

Hello to all blog readers and peeps around the world.  I am going to share with you the conversations of different people through the twitter.  I tweeted Chynna Ortaleza who portrayed Mimi in the GMA’s late afternoon youth oriented show, now defunct, “Click.”  Here are my following conversations with her through my twitter:

iamchesterdiaz: Halos ka-level mo na si Bella Flores as a kontravida sa Trudis Liit.

ChynsOrtaleza:  aba aba.. Bella Flores! Abangan…

iamchesterdiaz: Mag-leading lady ka ulit. Tsaka na lang iyun.

ChynsOrtaleza: i like playing characters and enjoy whatever roles i am given.. lead or villian. 🙂

iamchesterdiaz: I really missed “Click”. I was a loyal viewer from the start.

ChynsOrtaleza: Mimi 🙂 super thank you..

iamchesterdiaz: That’s the nickname of my mom. Mom loves your name in your role. She and I missed you to watch. T_T

ChynsOrtaleza: Thank You so much.. regards to Mommy Mimi.

iamchesterdiaz: She’s now in Toronto. I’ll tell her about you soon. I’m migrating to Canada soon but I’m a die hard Kapuso. Bye for now.

That’s so wonderful, friendly and sweet tweets for Chynna Ortaleza.  She’s now portraying a villain in Trudis Liit.  She told me that she enjoys the roles will be given by GMA or other television networks whether leading or villain. I’m still supporting you as your fan which started at Click and other roles in GMA Network.  God bless and take care, Chynna!

I have one question for Ms. Maritoni Fernandez at the twitter.  Here’s my one question for her:

iamchesterdiaz:  Hello. Do you have an advocacy group to fight against cancer?

MaritoniF:  yes it’s called i can serve but we only disseminate information, we do not give out funding.

Maritoni Fernandez was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 30 years old and had since then undergone a lumpectomy in the United States of America. Having gone under remission, she has been serving as a spokesperson for breast cancer patients and survivors in the Philippines and abroad. She is also currently an active spokesperson for breast cancer awareness in the Philippines and a member of the I Can Serve Foundation (excerpts from

I always pray to Maritoni Fernandez to take care of her health, her family, and her career.  She won’t stop campaigning to help and encourage those women who are now suffering with breast cancer. God bless you, Maritoni Fernandez.

I recall to my late cousin, Maria Victoria M. Pebte, who suffered with breast cancer in 2004 that was really, really inherited from her mom.  She passed away on May 25, 2009 at the young age of 44 years old.

Lastly, Fr. Jboy Gonzales, a Jesuit priest that I tweeted him last night about the reaction of the Revised Roman Missal that will be released in 2011.  Here are my conversations with Fr. Gonzales:

iamchesterdiaz: What will be your reaction about the new and revised Roman Missal?

jboygonzalessj: That the liturgists have done their jobs well.

iamchesterdiaz: I hope the Catholic faithfuls must not confuse the revised Roman Missal of 2011. Thank you and goodnight.

jboygonzalessj: If they do, they won’t commit a sin. So sleep well.

iamchesterdiaz:  God bless you.

jboygonzalessj: U2. Remember this rule. Decide which is important; which is more important; which is the MOST important. Charity above all.

That was the beautiful message of Fr. Jboy Gonzales that the rule of being a decisive person to decide which is important; which is more important; which is the MOST important.  Charity above all.  Charity is love.

I am calling to all the leaders of the diocese and parish and religious priests and laity for the grand public forum to discuss about the Revised Roman Missal to avoid confusion of each Catholic faithfuls here in the Philippines. The Revised Roman Missal was recently approved by Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican.

Once again thanks to Fr. Jboy, Chynna, and Maritoni for the wonderful discussions on the twitter.


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