Hello everyone, dear readers and bloggers.  XXXII is the Roman numeral of the number 32.  In other words, I am turning 32 years old next Thursday, July 22.

It’s not necessary to celebrate my birthday lavishly but simple: go to the mass and dine with my relatives.  I continue my missions that I visited to the aged or sick nuns at the Daughters of Charity in South Super Highway with Tita Nora Arnaldo and Sister Espi when I became an active member of the Legion of Mary.  I bought the rosaries and 2 pieces of Miraculous Medals at the Provincial House at the Daughters of Charity.  I will not end my campaign to disseminate medals and prayer leaflets to the sick people especially to the hospitals and deathbeds at home. I also visited to the funeral wakes in different funeral chapels such as praying the novena and rosary, too.

I halted to join the Legion of Mary because of my life’s present danger which was happened last May 10 at the gym. I will continue my mission in Canada for the Filipino communities there.

To my friend who beaten me at the gym last May 10, I forgive you but you must repent your sins to God.  Don’t wait to repent until judgment day, amigo, because God will judge you on the last day.  The Lord will examine your pasts while you were here on earth including your evil deeds and vices.  I will be your witness that you will be judged by the Almighty. Fear Him now! If you will fail to fear God, you will be thrown out into the lake of fire with Satan and his company.


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