The Blessed Sacrament (Photo Courtesy: Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament of the Philippines)

I am writing here in my blog to encourage all Catholic lay faithfuls about to make proper reverence of our Lord Jesus Christ’s Most Blessed Sacrament inside the adoration chapel in all parishes and shrines here in our country.

I visited to the Blessed Sacrament chapel at the Malate Church yesterday (June 22, Tuesday) and noticed the two adorers who were making an act of venerating and touching the exposed Sacred Host of Jesus Christ.  After praying from the chapel, I reprimanded to the man: “You are not allowed to venerate and to touch the Sacred Host of the Most Blessed Sacrament while it is exposed.  The Sacred Host is not a statue of a saint that you are venerating it. That’s wrong! Don’t do it again on your next visit.” That man has committed a grave sin of sacrilege.

I wrote suggestion into a piece of paper to the parish priest of the Malate Church to put the security devices (i.e. CCTVs and detectors) to protect from bogus adorers who will attempt to steal the Sacred Host or vessel in the Most Blessed Eucharist. “Sacrilege consists in profaning or treating unworthily the sacraments and other liturgical actions, as well as persons, things or places consecrated to God.  Sacrilege is a grave sin especially when committed against the Eucharist, for in this sacrament the true Body of Christ is made substantially present for us” (CCC #2120).

The monstrance is a vessel that contains inside a large sacred thin white host and placed it to the altar during the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. Without monstrance, the ciborium, which contains small hosts for communion, is also used for the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. Some parishes have their own built-in monstrance in their own chapels.  I warn to the adorers to cease the sins of sacrilege like venerating, kissing or touching against the Eucharistic Lord either in monstrance or ciborium during the periods of exposition. Only ordained bishops, priests, and deacons have the rights to reserve by performing with the sacred benediction and veneration of the Blessed Sacrament according to the Code of Canon Law.

The Blessed Sacrament has always exposed to the small, tranquil room while the main church is closed every weekdays. (It is exposed, too, every First Friday of the Month on the main church. It is used also for processional during the annual feasts of Corpus Christi and Christ the King.) The Blessed Sacrament has a room reserves for every adorer or worshipper who is praying contemplatively and sinners who will surrender your burdens and sins to the suffering Lord. But there’s no room for venerators and spectators.

Jesus invites everyone to the Sacrament of Reconciliation and Reparation.  “Jesus dwells with us in the Blessed Sacrament to teach us to put all our trust in the Sacred Heart, so that the power of His love may capture, conquer and cast out every doubt, every fear, and every anxiety that we have, so that His peace may reign in our hearts, for He says:  ‘Cast all your anxieties upon the Lord who cares for you’ ” (I Peter 5:7, excerpts from Come To Me In The Blessed Sacrament, p. 221).

I call to all bishops in different dioceses, priests or religious and League Guardians and Members of Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration (PEA) in their parishes shall educate the ethics or write guidelines through pamphlets or bulletin boards on visiting to the adoration chapel to every Catholic lay faithfuls not to commit sin of sacrilege or irreverence to the Most Blessed Sacrament of Jesus Christ.

I am praying to the lost Catholic souls to cease touching and venerating to the Sacred Host. It’s about time to promote the “genuine” Catholic way of proper worshipping the Blessed Eucharistic Lord by listening with the daily mass and reception of the Holy Communion; and attending special programs in different parishes (i.e., Parish Renewal Experience [PREX], Life in the Spirit Seminar [LSS], Legion of Mary etc.).

I am advising you everyone to give more respect and treat Jesus properly by genuflecting or prostrating as a sign of true love and loyalty to the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Lord.   Amen!


  1. too much technicality here, that’s why we are losing the faithful..Jesus would want to hug them and touch them and let them know that they are loved. If you meet Jesus on the way, Jesus would have hugged you and kissed you. be like little children, and if a child sees you, he or she would smile and touch you right?

    1. I agree to this, if I see Jesus I would definitely kiss and hug him. I don’t understand those kinds of rules though. Why are just a few allowed to touch him o.O when Jesus came for everyone and yet just a few are allowed to get near him and the rest are only allowed to look. Now every time I’ll see the blessed sacrament I’ll be reminded of Zacchaeus.

  2. i too believed the same -but today for the first time we were allowed to kneel,pray and touch the Monstrance during the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament-i hesitated at first but then i had to go-getting a chance to touch the Lord was something i had to do-sometimes its better to forget certain rituals

  3. Please be careful for you approach people who were just leaving a very real experience with Jesus. You don’t know what thin line they may be walking on to get through life and your words could be what pushes them over. Be kind, loving and let Jesus put on the hearts to others what He chooses. He allowed people to wipe His face, clean His feet with tears, give Him a drink of water and cling to Him as He passed by. We as Catholics have to stop being so harsh, judgemental and acting like every item, way of moving and talking comes with a set of strict rules od its sudden death and hell thats sure to follow.

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