“GO HOME CELTICS, LOSERS!!!”  I was yelling this afternoon that Los Angeles Lakers won the Game 7 series of the NBA Finals at the Staples Center Thursday night in L.A. California, U.S.A.  From first quarter to third quarter, I felt disheartened that the scores of Lakers had not yet beaten the scores of Boston Celtics.  In 4th quarter fans inside at the Staples Center were enchanting and shouting the Lakers’ scores which had gained the momentum to the summit of victory.

Lakers received the 16th Championship Title in the franchise history of NBA. Lakers won the score of 83 against the defeated Celtics with the score of 79 on Game 7.  Meanwhile, NBA Commissioner David Stern gave the small most valuable player (MVP) trophy to Kobe Bryant.

June 9 was marked the historical day that Noynoy Aquino proclaimed as President Elect and Jejomar Binay as Vice President by the post Fourteenth Congress of the Philippines.  I congratulate President Noynoy Aquino who were spoken by over 15 million voters last May 10 elections.  Also, I congratulate to Jejomar Binay for his sweetest victory as the Vice President Elect in this nation.  Aquino and Binay will be inaugurated on the 30th of June 2010.

I dedicate to the billions of Lakers fans around the world and over 15 million voters to win Noynoy Aquino as President Elect in this nation.  I combine them the so called, “NOYKERS”! Why NOYKERS?  Because the favorite color of Noynoy and Los Angeles Lakers was YELLOW, the symbol of freedom!!!  Well I was wearing full yellow apparel and yellow bracelets to express support for the Lakers’ victory and to President Elect Noynoy Aquino.  Long live NOYKERS!!!


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