Mom was retired as a General Manager and Vice President of an electronic Japanese firm and migrated to Canada in May 2008.  Her dream was to get a new job for a higher or “managerial” experience in Canada.  Sadly, she read the description that must have at least a Canadian experience through the internet.  She compelled to study in a reputable college and obtained the short course in accounting. She graduated and got a new job in the second week of May 2009.

Dad, too, got a job as a part time sales associate in a clothing line at the department store in Toronto, Canada.  He cut his job hours and days due to the adverse effects of global recession which started in the United States of America (USA) in the late October 2008 but did not lose his job.

He’s doing his small catering and meat processing home business that he practiced it in the Philippines before he migrated to Canada.  He studied, finished accounting and achieved with flying colors but did not get a good job permanently. He attended training sessions on accounting and payroll.  He attended the different seminar workshops on job hunting.

Anyway, I am still praying to obtain new permanent job for dad every day and night. Hope in God’s time that he will be hired by an employer who has a God fearing person before my arrival in Canada.

Here’s the real score to get the Canadian experience.  You experienced managerial and higher positions in different corporations or companies in your country for more than a decade. If you don’t have an educational attainment in Canada, you cannot apply or get your job immediately after upon your arrival in Canada. All you need to do is to study and finish your course first. After graduation, it’s better to attend the free seminar or workshop on applying a job including the writing of the curriculum vitae. Keep on praying and believing until you find a good job for you.

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