The Doors of New Opportunities to Canada

It’s about my time to officially seal the doors of the pasts that I did not achieve honors in Elementary, High School, or College.  I was not hired by some employers in different companies because they wanted to hire “few” applicants who came from exclusive schools and reputable universities.  I am so disenchanted to the employers that their hearts were filled with corruption, discrimination and hate because I considered them as economic saboteurs in this country.

Some applicants were finished to their courses in non-reputable colleges or universities.  For instance, a man finished the course of civil engineering, passed with civil engineering license and hired him as a call center agent by an employer.  Other applicants obtained their “blue collar” jobs such as gasoline attendants, messengers, security guards, street sweepers and more.  Therefore, I found out that there was a great job “mismatch” in this country.

It’s more than ten (10) years that I did not apply my own job but I assisted in my family’s business at Monterey as a cashier, recording the today’s sales, and inventories yet don’t have my own salary.  I became a volunteer at the Word and Life Publishing as a proofreader (little editor) to check the readings and the verses of the Bible for Sunday Masses.  My father opened his little meat processing home business called “Chester’s Choice Delicatessen.”  He used my name to impress my business.  I discontinued it last April 2009 because the residents in Ayala Alabang Village were not interested to buy/taste our products anymore and the worst scenarios of global economic fallouts.

Some Filipinos are migrating to different countries around the world to seek their greener pastures.  They hated our country’s sham politics and poor, unstable economy.  They are still struggling to work for the sake of their family (i.e. tuition fee payments for their children and payments here in our country).

Finally, I am officially disregarded the pessimistic advices of “Ninong Toto” (Bienvenido Diaz in real name).  I strongly blamed my father for sending me to Guam because I knew the disgusting attitudes of Ninong Toto who suppressed me not to go to the church every Sunday at the front of his house in Asan Village in Guam eight (8) years ago.  His thinking is “too narrow” because he did not finish his conservatory course in college.  I accumulated with strong resentments against him because he made great divisions of his siblings and instructed to make great alibis by his wife, Debbie.  Debbie was behind the conspiracy to remove Auntie Zeny (Zenaida Diaz in real name) in her house at M. Hizon St., Sta. Cruz Manila.  It started to accuse Auntie Zeny as a thief last November 2008 by Ninong Toto and Debbie.  I filled with strong doubts that Auntie Zeny did not steal any centavo or peso from the couple’s wealth.  If they will continue to accuse Auntie Zeny in the court, the judge will immediately decide to dismiss the case due to the laxity of supporting evidences. Therefore, Auntie Zeny will triumphantly win over the accusations of the couple.

I will write to “Wish Ko Lang” that I want to meet Fr. Fernando Suarez to administer the spiritual healing sessions to heal my past memories including the Asperger’s syndrome before leaving to Canada soon.  I contacted to his office at BF Homes Paranaque but his staff refused to comment about his personal activities.  His schedules are too hectic which found on his official website at

I am praying to obtain the Complete Set of the Liturgy of the Hours. (Someone will donate generously soon.) Bishops, priests, religious, and laity are using the four volumes of the Liturgy of the Hours for communal and private adoration purposes.  I am strongly interested to read the hagiographies or writings of the saints and recent pontiffs for my personal reflection.

It’s my time to shut the doors due to adversities and pessimism of the pasts. I read the latest book of Joel Osteen’s “It’s Your Time” that I have learned about the closing the doors of negative pasts and the opening of the new doors for the new opportunities which fill with success in my future.  I ask to the Holy Spirit to seal the doors of the pasts and to create new doors of opportunities to go to Canada. My mom told me to alleviate the negative attitudes which came from the siblings of my dad.

I will study English through reading, speaking and writing after my arrival in Canada. English and French are the official languages in Canada.

I will work as a pianist or musician in the Church every Sunday mass. I have a dream to be a “maestro” of music (who conducts an orchestra or a symphony) either in school, church or poor communities.  Some students cannot afford to study music and to create a small organization for the underprivileged children in Canada.

Dad will set-up his new business either small restaurant or food delivery in Toronto, Canada.  I will assist him and learn to gain profit to avoid negative effects of sales loss in his business.  I’m still talking about money in Canada that I have more dreams to come.  I want to be a successful writer in a book or a columnist in a leading newspaper or prestigious lifestyle magazine.

I am still confused either getting married or entering the sacerdotal ministry.  Dad refused me to enter to the seminary but mom favored it to study priesthood or theology. I ask God for better discernment than rowing a boat in two rivers.

I don’t want to die my dreams to see the beautiful places and futures in Canada.  I have a short prayer to God:  Lord Jesus, come do not delay with a great spark!  Hear and answer my prayer soon in the mighty name of Jesus together with Father and Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. Amen.

* * *


For the Catholics:  May I request everyone to pray frequent daily rosary, Holy Hour and Sacred Heart Devotions at the Chapel of the Most Blessed Sacrament in your parishes.  Buy a book called “COME TO ME IN THE BLESSED SACRAMENT” at St. Paul’s, Word and Life Bookstores, Catholic Trade, and to your parishes in the Philippines. Please pray the nine decades of the divine love prayer through praying the rosary beads.  Attend the daily masses and receive full communion frequently. To all seniors and junior members of the Legion of Mary: Pray the Tessera daily.

For Christians and Non-Catholics:  Attend your communal and worship services that depend on the schedules in your church.

The reason for this announcement that I need your strongest, unceasing prayers with selfless unity 24 hours, 7 days a week until I will receive the notification letter from Canadian Embassy not later than June nor in September.  Thank you.


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