A Couple of Days Left Before Elections

It’s less than 7 days to go before the Philippine National Elections on May 10, 2010. Don’t forget to pray the official novena for the nine days preceding the Philippine elections found at http://www.mariansolidarity.com/2010/05/01/novena-prayer-for-the-nine-days-preceding-the-philippine-elections.

Last week, a group of business people from Makati Business Club and IT experts who filed a petition to the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) en banc for parallel manual counting.  But, the COMELEC officials were refused to grant the parallel manual counting due to the election havocs of massive cheating, padding or shaving, and the another so-called “Garci” or “e-Garci” election fraud scandal.

I have an advice for the defeated petitioners to cease doubts and chaos:  let’s give a chance for the automation elections from the COMELEC.   If you choose parallel manual counting, repeal the Automation Law either in Congress or in Supreme Court!  You wasted your time and money from the people. That’s enough and please STOP IT!

Last Monday, according to GMANEWS.tv, glitches were experienced and recorded during the first day of tests undertaken for precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machines deployed in Makati and Muntinlupa cities and Pateros municipality and Batangas and Mindoro provinces. The reason of the biggest glitches of all voting machines due to the failure of compact flash cards, according to COMELEC Director James Jimenez on Unang Hirit Tuesday morning.  The COMELEC admitted the malfunctioned on the PCOS machines during testing.

To the Board of Elections Inspectors (BEIs) and poll watchers must be patient. COMELEC and SMARTMATIC are so optimistic to solve and fix the problem by reconfiguring or replacing the memory cards for the PCOS machines before the election period. Hope these machines will test well soon.

Anyway, I partially chose no one who will be the next president or vice president in the Philippines.  I will write it on my blog for the next couple of days before the election.


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