A World-Renown Pianist

I wrote my status on facebook earlier and said: “My decision that I am going to Canada to be a world-renown pianist and a teacher. Whether successful or not, I will persistently play the beautiful music for the glory of the Lord. God told me in a dream, ‘Ches, keep on playing. Do not be afraid.’ I will not play piano on the hotels but I have a big dream to play on the stage.”

I taught piano for the two students last year but they lost their own enthusiasm.  My father was right and I had an argued with him to oppose his beautiful plan for me.

I meditated and prayed to the Lord for a good discernment.  The Lord spoke to me in a dream, “Don’t give up on your career, just keep on playing.  Don’t be afraid, my son.”

Well, I recorded the piano video through camcorder last year but I have not yet uploaded in youtube.com.  My first video was I played the Jose Mari Chan’s original Christmas song, “Christmas in Our Hearts.”  That video was recorded by the students of San Beda Alabang and located near True Value Store at the Alabang Town Center last October 17, 2009.  I have 2,608 viewers who watched this video and still rising.  Thank you for watching me!

I played the song of Elvis Presley’s, “Can’t Help Fallin’ In Love” at the Asian Hospital, then, the patient’s relative gave me a tip worth one hundred pesos (P 100.00) because she heard my beautiful music.  Two professional players were envied to me that I received a bigger tip!

I admit that I am still halfhearted to practice piano everyday.  I have a mood swings that I fail to memorize one hundred (100) songs per day.  This is not my line, although, God gave me this wonderful talent and I will never revoke His gift to me.

I will forget those two students who discontinued to study piano lessons.  So the door has finally closed for them.  There’s a new door of opportunities to teach children and adults to learn playing piano in Canada. I will talk one-by-one and tell them, “Are you interested to play the piano?” Only the students will answer my question whether they will continue or not.  If they are willing to continue, I will motivate and guide them  for 6 months not by years!

God is on my side to correct my steps and said according to Proverbs 16:9, NRSV:  “The human mind plans the way, but the LORD directs the steps.”

I ask God for a biggest help to cease nervousness during my actual performance on the centerstage.  I need Him to practice with so many people because He is my true inspiration including His Son Jesus.

Lord, I show the world that I am a world-renown pianist with  good works not my own lips! I believe that the people will give me a standing ovation and a round of applause which filled with happiness and great honor for me.  Help me to write the history for our  greatest glory through Your Son Jesus’ sake.  I cannot avoid committing mistakes but I must persistently keep playing that I am the best piano player in Canada and the world!

2 thoughts on “A World-Renown Pianist

  1. Very excited for your Canada trip Chester and am SO glad that Facebook will let you stay keep in touch with all of us in the Philippines… keep reaching for those dreams of yours and make sure to keep us updated 🙂 I studied piano for a while but it was not my gifting. However, I am glad that to this day, I can play Grade 1 music sheets, at least!!!

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