Positive Outlooks for 2010

“So we do not lose heart.  Even though our outer nature is wasting away, our inner nature is being renewed day by day.”II Corinthians 4:16, NRSV

This was the quote written by the apostle Paul who encouraged to the congregation of the Corinth not to lose hope.  He also encourages to the readers today not to lose hope but to think positively for 2010.  I bid farewell to write my blog in 2009 but I still continue to write better and higher hopes in 2010.  It is not necessary to write New Year’s resolutions because I always renew my inner self day by day according to the teachings of Paul.  Writing New Year’s resolutions, therefore, is a waste of time and fulfill not my promises for 2010!

I have more positive outlooks for 2010.  I have  higher hopes in 2010 that the family sponsor visa will be granted by God soon.  I am still praying to the officers and staff of the Case Processing Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada whether they will approve or reject the family sponsor visa to Canada.  I submitted my documents including the IMM 1017 green form and Appendix D form to the Canadian immigration lawyer.  I am praying to the immigration lawyer to win this case with the divine help.  I encourage to all my cousins, friends, relatives (except Ninong Toto and Tita Debbie), and readers on my blog to pray for me for granting an approval of my immigration visa to Canada.  God is really great that my parents and I will be reunited to Canada in 2010.

I have 100 percent hope to publish my past blogs from chester2278.wordpress.com to a book.  I have a dream to be the best inspirational writer here in my country and the rest of the world.  I thank to the millions of readers who are daily reading or visiting  and leaving such positive comments here in my wonderful blog.  Thank you, dear readers!

I want to buy a complete set of the Liturgy of the Hours.  This set consists of four volume books:  The blue book contains the seasons of Advent and Christmas.  The red book contains the seasons of Lent and Easter.  The brown and the green books contain Ordinary Time.  Those four books have their own proper of saints, psalms, canticles, Biblical readings, and hagiographical or patristic writings from the Catholic Church fathers, papal predecessors, and saints.  I love to read the Office of Readings of the four volume sets because I develop my knowledge of writing and teachings here in my blog.  I have an inadequate funds to buy that book because it’s too expensive.  I always visit to http://www.universalis.com to meditate the Office of the Readings of the day.  (If someone, wealthy readers, who has a generous heart, please donate me a complete set of the Liturgy of the hours and I will give you the home address through my email soon.  The Lord will give you a great reward!)

I wrote my beautiful blogs for my college friend Ruby Rose Barrameda.  Justice will be served and put to prison to the mastermind and perpetrators behind the murder of Ruby Rose.  I continue to pray for the Barrameda family must not lose hope but I impart with my prayers for them. I also pray for the justice of the Maguindanao massacre which butchered more than 50 people including journalists, the wife and relatives of the Mangudadatu.  I am praying to all the journalists to take care of their selves because they are still exposed in different perils of terrorism and persecution.

I am staying as a member of the Legion of Mary to give prayer pamphlets, rosaries, and medals.  I am also conducting a crowd contact to bring them to the mass or to the Blessed Sacrament.  I discuss Bible to the elders of the Mary Help of Christians Praesidium every Wednesday about the teachings and writings of St. Paul.

It’s time to move on to 2010.  I bury the bad memories from the pasts.  I forgive and bless those people who hurt me deeply.  I cannot avoid to face such adverse criticisms and pessimism against me this coming 2010 but God is still on my side and won’t forsake me.

I am no longer to consult to the hoax Chinese astrologers and feng shui experts whether I am lucky or not.  Those experts, therefore, are the adversaries of my Christian faith.  My fate is in the hands of the Lord.

The writing ends here in 2009.  I begin to write a longer journey in 2010.  I will never stop writing in my blog to express my feelings either encouragement or discouragement.

May the good Lord bless you this prosperous and wonderful New Year!

5 thoughts on “Positive Outlooks for 2010

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