Lord, Make Me Happy

Almighty Father In Heaven, I am writing directly here in my blog to hear and answer my prayer.  Lord, my depression still accumulates in my life right now.  My visa applications were rejected by the Canadian Visa officers thrice.  Lord, I am filled with confusions because that confusions have been stricken me by depressions and pessimism of evil spirit.   I need to spare my future while I am at the age of 31. I am already tired and almost surrendered to you.

Dear Jesus, I want to let go and set me free from the pasts.  I cannot move on because of the hindrances of bitterness, hate, rejections, failures, attempting suicides, misunderstandings and such negative impressions or criticisms that haunted me from the pasts.  My Lord, Jesus, crucify me with excruciating pain and sufferings on the cross.  I need the negative pasts die down and raise me up from my fall.  Forgive me that I have an Asperger’s syndrome but help me to live in a normal life.

Father, take me out from the darkness and live me with true light with your Son, Jesus.  I need to end darkness, depression, low self-esteem, timidity, attempting suicides and such sins in my whole body due to confusion.  From now on, I bury this pessimism through baptism in the mighty name of Jesus.

Lord, may I request to send down the Holy Spirit immediately to ban negative thoughts forever because I am losing focus due to Satan’s pessimism.  Lord, make me happy today to be a pianist not just in the hotels but to be a star someday.   I need to slow me down from too much pressures that I may cause sickness and death.

I am holding to your Word which was written in the Holy Scriptures and accepting Lord and Savior in my life.  Lord, bring more happiness in me. May I request the approval of my permanent visa to Canada and open the hearts to all the visa officers, the secretaries, and all the staff at the Embassy of Canada in the mighty name of Jesus to reunite with my parents there in Canada.

Thank you Father.  All this I ask in the powerful name of Jesus.  Amen.




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