It’s time to write here on the blog what is the real meaning of  “Pessimism.”  I would like to define two meanings of pessimism according to Merriam Webster Dictionary.

First, pessimism defines an inclination to adverse aspects, conditions, and possibilities or to expect the worst outcome.  And;

Second, pessimism is the doctrine that reality is essentially evil.  This doctrine  that evil overbalances the happiness of life.

I would define on my own that pessimism is the highest spiritual disorder against Christians.  It dissolves positive values due to the negative colors and the perceptions of life including the future events.  People, nowadays, are still blinded by Satan.  Satan is the real behind of pessimism who blinded the minds of the people.  His angels command to spread evil and inject the minds of the people resulting into spiritual confusion and hindrances of faith to God.

Pessimism accumulates depression.  Psychologists trace pessimistic attitudes to emotional pain or even biology. Aaron Beck argues that depression is due to unrealistic negative views about the world. Beck starts treatment by engaging in conversation with clients about their negative thoughts. Pessimists, however, are often able to provide arguments that suggest that their understanding of reality is justified (pessimistic realism). (Courtesy of under the topic psychology pessimism).

Friedrich Nietzsche believed that the ancient Greeks created tragedy as a result of their pessimism. “Is pessimism necessarily a sign of decline, decay, degeneration, weary and weak instincts … Is there a pessimism of strength? An intellectual predilection for the hard, gruesome, evil, problematic aspect of existence, prompted by well-being, by overflowing health, by the fullness of existence?”  (From Nietzsche’s The Birth of Tragedy or Hellenism or Pessimism, “Attempt at a Self-Criticism,” §1 and under the topic psychology pessimism).

Nietzsche’s response to pessimism was the opposite of Schopenhauer’s. ” ‘That which bestows on everything tragic, its peculiar elevating force’ ” – he (Schopenhauer) says in The World as Will and Representation, Volume II, P. 495 – ” ‘is the discovery that the world, that life, can never give real satisfaction and hence is not worthy of our affection: this constitutes the tragic spirit – it leads to resignation.’ ” How differently Dionysus spoke to me! How far removed I was from all this resignationism!” ( under the topic psychology pessimism).

I am a victim of the world’s pessimism, dear blog readers.  I have an emotional disorder due to physical and verbal abuse when I was young.  Until then, this disorder accumulates immaturity in my life.  Yelling of my uncle and aunt at my father’s side or other people increases fear and trembling in my life.  Forgive me, my dear readers, I need your help to mend my heart through emotional healing due to pessimistic world.  God knows who shall punish those people in judgment  filled with pessimism against me and Him!  Please pray for my undergo healing of emotions in my life.  Forgive me.  Set me free, Lord, from them!


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