A Time To Pray

My friend Joyce Burton Titular who advised me at facebook chat last night to ignore the negative sayings from my relatives at Sta. Cruz Manila. Thanks Joyce for giving me the unsolicited advice.

I heard God’s voice while praying this evening and said, “Chester, from now on I am removing the teachings of Ninong Toto from your heart because his truth is far from me and the ill advices of your relatives in Sta. Cruz, Manila.  Never call, go or listen with them.  Listen to the advice of your parents and focus your reconsideration letter.  If you want to grant your student visa application, attend the daily mass.  Follow me.”

I must follow God.  I am guilty that I failed to heed the advice of my parents because that said advice came from the Lord.  I am grounded by the Lord to call my relatives on my father side in Sta. Cruz Manila and have no time to listen from them.  He said to me to attend the daily mass if I want to grant my student visa application and focus my reconsideration letter.  I failed to follow the indefinite 40 day period of prayer and reflection because I was distracted by watching television, surfing to the internet up to the long wee hours and visiting relatives at Sta. Cruz, Manila in vain.

It’s time to pray and move on.  I was thrice rejected by the Canadian visa officers at the Canadian Embassy.  It’s time to focus the reconsideration letter.  I am not giving up on praying to the Canadian officers to touch and soften their hearts because they follow the Immigration, Refugee, and Protection Act (IRPA).  That IRPA still amended by the Canadian legislators until then.  I believe that the Lord’s time will soften and touch the hearts of the Canadian visa officers to read my reconsideration letter and grant my student visa application.

I will seriously pray to the Lord that I have a one percent dream to go to Canada.  I am telling directly to him and forbidding me to write any single details of prayer here on my blog.  I have high hopes from the Lord but I avoid hypocrisy in my life.  Forgive me that I am not perfect in my life but I am perfect to obey God’s Word.  I believe God’s Word is more powerful than IRPA and such filthy sayings of the people.  God disallows me not to listen the philosophies of men.  It is written in Colossians 2:8:

“See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ” (TNIV).

I believe the philosophies of Christ which were written in the holy scriptures.  I am no longer entertaining deceptive philosophies contain pessimism that was created by humans.  I am still holding firm to God’s Word in the Scriptures to preach not by mouth but by the letter sent and written by the evangelists and apostles to all the Gentiles around the world.  I believe I am a prayerful person and a child of God because I am no longer to listen or watch those people filled with abject thoughts but I am holding the thoughts of God through Christ Jesus.  Little by little, I am filled by the Holy Spirit and I am more obedient to God and to my parents, too.


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