Cory’s magic is still alive.  This is it!  Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III confirms that he is running as President in 2010 as a standard bearer of the Liberal Party (LP).  After spending his weekend spiritual retreat in Carmelite Sisters in Zamboanga, Noynoy finally breaks the silence that the people prayed and supported for him to run in the highest office.

“I accept the call of the people and the advice of my parents, and the responsibility to continue the fight for our nation. I accept the challenge to lead this fight. I will run for president in the upcoming elections,” Noynoy announced to the LP party mates, friends, media and supporters at Club Filipino that marks the 40th day of the passing away of the late President Cory Aquino.

He made this historic announcement at the Club Filipino in San Juan where his mother took an oath as President in February 1986 People Power Revolution.

Among present were his siblings:  Balsy, Pinky, Viel, and Kris with her husband James and son Baby James.  Former Senator Agapito “Butch” Aquino, the brother of the slain Sen. Ninoy Aquino, supports for his nephew’s presidential bid.

Noynoy was asking to Sen. Mar Roxas to run as vice-president.  Roxas declined to comment whether he will accept an offer from Noynoy as a running mate of LP.

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