Willie Revillame’s hosting was unethical

I went to Manila Cathedral on August 3, 2009 to glimpse the remains of the late Philippine President Maria Corazon Cojuangco Aquino or “Tita Cory.”  Lately, I watched Willie Revillame’s sarcastic speech to remove the live broadcast inset of the Cory Aquino’s funeral cortege from De La Salle Greenhills to Manila Cathedral.

Millions of net users or netizens (www.petitiononline.com) were disgusted on Revillame’s request on ABS-CBNs noontime show, “Wowowee.”  I always reviewed the video clips from http://www.youtube.com about his unethical and impolite host during the live national broadcast. For me, removing the inset of Cory’s funeral cortege was a violation of the freedom of expression.

The people must know the live events happen in our country but for Willie was a numb.  He might suggest during commercial break to the producers to remove for the meantime the inset of Cory’s funeral convoy.  So the management of ABS-CBN ordered Willie Revillame for an indefinite leave for more than a month because he disobeyed the executives and producers of this network.

Willie lost his delicadeza as a noontime host because he harassed and defamed domestic, foreign contestants and the staff of the said show during the live broadcast.  I am praying that WOWOWEE must be axed soon due to the numerous complaints of immoralities by parents, concerned viewers and internet users.  I will never forget the Ultra Stampede Tragedy happened three years ago that killed 73 people.  Those families of victims are still crying for justice and I pray to imprison the organizers and the host because they are liable to God’s judgment!  For them, organizers and producers are still haunted in the past!

I thanked EVEN DEMATA for uploading the videos to expose the irregularities of Revillame on the noontime variety show, WOWOWEE.

If I will be a host of a variety program, I will follow the code and ethics of hosting the show.  I must obey to the executives and producers of the network to be a good and responsible anchor or host.  I will never harass or defame any contestants but I must guide them to avoid untoward incidents or accidents on my show.

Executives and producers of the network have the rights to allow the live on-air inset to view millions of television viewers on the latest happenings untold.  I will tell them and say:  “Hello everyone, you are watching the live inset happening at the … (i.e., the transferring of funeral cortege of N from x to y).   Enjoy watching, put down your switching dials and stand-by for the live update.”  The producers of my show will give a signal to pause for a break then the news producers will appear the live breaking news.  That’s the proper way of hosting to give way to the journalists and anchors of the news.

Better for Revillame is to study the ethics of hosting and broadcasting than suspension/termination due to a gross violation.

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