Prayer for Justice of Ruby Rose Barrameda

I have written the revised prayer for justice of Ruby Rose Barrameda because my prayers were answered by God because Atty. Manuel Jimenez, Jr., Lope Jimenez and 4 people charged of murder by the prosecutors of the Department of Justice.  Only Ruby Rose’s estranged husband Manuel Jimenez, III, (known as “Thirdy”) was absolved.  I am praying for the Barrameda family will file a Motion to Reconsideration either at Court of Appeals or Supreme Court to include Thirdy as a conspirator of his wife’s murder.  Here’s is my following prayer courtesy of’s notes to win the case and give justice of my slain schoolmate and friend at the University of Perpetual Help.

Almighty Father in heaven, author of justice, we come to you in our need to ask this prayer to give a stronger justice for the former University of Perpetual Help schoolmate, Ruby Rose Barrameda. Lord, we are absolutely condemned the callous murder of our  beloved sister and friend, Ruby Rose.

Lord Jesus, Son of God and Mary, may we request to begin the investigation to recall the exact day, place, the time, and all the people (i.e., brains, suspects, conspirators and witnesses) behind the crime scene of Ruby’s murder.   Father, you are the real witness of the murder of Ruby Rose and bring them to divine justice. Lord, we find a true and a just judge who has God-fearing, strong dignity and delicadeza to implement the rule of law and does not accept any bribes on either sides to handle Ruby Rose’s murder case. O Holy Spirit, read the hearts of all people to know them whether they are telling the truth or not.

We also pray to the Barrameda Family and guide them always by the power of the Holy Spirit to comfort and strengthen their faith in times of grief because they had lost their family member and member of our church. Always protect them, O God, whose lives are now in danger.
May we humbly lift up our prayers in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus, together with the Holy Spirit and the intercession of Blessed Mother Mary, forever and ever. Amen.

Please pray of the following:

1 Our Father…
1 Hail Mary…
1 Glory Be…

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
– have mercy on us.

Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament
– pray for us.

All angels, martyrs and saints.
– pray for us.


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