Prayer To Grant My Student’s Visa To Canada

Almighty Father, most loving and merciful God in heaven.  I always adore you and humbly implore you to hear and grant my prayers.

My two visa applications to enter Canada (immigrant and tourist visa) were refused by the Embassy of Canada in Manila two years ago.

I am easily tired and helpless for a year now because of bitter rejections committed by the pessimistic visa officers at the Canadian Embassy.

Lord, I found the light.  The light of Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ.

Dear Lord Jesus, help me to start over again to apply a sure and better visa — the student’s visa to Canada.  Lord, I have a reason to study in Canada because I must upgrade knowledge and skills in computers and network designs.  I will be more technically competitive either in Canada or go back to Philippines.

I studied here at Computer Training Labs in 2001 but the staff did not give me a full support for an employment to practice my professional skills.   I believe that the Canadian school shall offer me a decent, excellent, and flexible job for me than here in Philippines.

Father, may I request under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to accompany all members of the EVP Management and Consultancy to review and process my documents without mistakes before submitting it to the Embassy of Canada.  I believe that my parents who will shoulder expenses for my school.

Lord, bless my documents and consecrate it now.  You are the author of life and source of hope to find a visa officer who has a good heart and filled with optimism to grant my application soon.  If he/she will call me for an interview, O Holy Spirit I need you by my side to answer all tough questions from him/her.

Thank You for Your unconditional love.

I ask this in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior.  Amen.


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