Bless Me This Birthday

Dear Almighty Father:

I am celebrating my birthday this Wednesday.  I really missed my birthdays without my parents because they are still residing and working in Canada right now.  Help me to overcome depression in my life and lift me up through the Spirit of Your Beloved Son, Jesus Christ.  Please heal my wounds of the pasts, Lord.  I forgive my own sins.  I forgive for those people who hurt me and I am lifting up to you on my birthday.

I don’t pray alone.  I pray to all my friends who are getting married or not.  Lord, make their marriages be meaningful and place Your Son as the center of marriage to avoid marital infidelities in their futures.  I bless all married couples that they must be stronger and increase their faith to You.

Bless me, Lord, on my 31st birthday.  I am your special on this occasion.  I am with you always not by cakes or high-end parties but by the presence of Your spirit.  I love you and thank you for guiding me on my 31 years living here on earth.  Amen.

Sincerely yours,



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