Remembering Ruby Rose Barrameda

(Update: The Barrameda family has requested to remove the surname Jimenez.)

Ruby Rose Barrameda

This is my special blog that I had fond memories for Ruby Rose Barrameda.  I met Ruby at the Perpetual Help College of Rizal (now University of Perpetual Help DALTA) when I was a freshman in B.S. Computer Science (CompSci) and she was in third year high school.  During my breaktime or dismissal from the class,  I always shared my life’s struggles in class, jokes, french fries, and more. Well I discovered her face looks like her elder sister, Rochelle, who was a former beauty queen.  I praised her charm and looks that she was more beautiful than her elder sister, Rochelle. But she told me not to tell anyone her looks especially to my CompSci colleagues. I said to her, “All right.”

And most of all, she corrected me  to speak Tagalog, i.e., using the proper  words of  “ng” and “sa” when we were eating inside the old canteen at the middle of the university’s glorietta.  Humiliated,  went to the university’s chapel to pray and reflected my common mistakes of speaking Tagalog. Yes, I am not a good speaker because I stuttered and lost focus on my thinking. Thank you, Ruby Rose for correcting my mistakes of speaking Tagalog. I am using it properly until now.

When I was in 3rd year, Ruby Rose became elusive to me that she started her complicated and serious relationship with Manuel Jimenez, III. Neither I attended her debut nor her wedding ceremony because I became busy on my family’s business and private matters.

I watched 24 Oras on GMA-7 that Rochelle Barrameda announced her sister was disappeared on March 14, 2007.  I was thinking that she was wandering somewhere in the areas of Las Pinas and Alabang and I prayed to save her life and must return to her family. But it was too late, the body of Ruby Rose found on June 10, 2009 stuffed with hard metal box floated at the Navotas Bay. According to the autopsy report of the Philippine National Police-Scene of the Crime Operatives (PNP-SOCO), Ruby was killed by an asphyxiation. She positively identified by her family through dental records and clothes, too,  inside a rectangular rusty case stuffed with cement.

I visited to the funeral wake of Ruby Rose yesterday at 5 p.m. I entered the Sampaloc Chapel at the La Funeraria Paz in Sucat, Paranaque and the casket of the Ruby’s corpse remain closed. The aura of chapel filled with silence. I filled with disbelief that she has gone. It was only yesterday that I saw her at the University who had an angelic smile and friendly to me. Her brother-in-law, Jimwell Stevens,  opened the left viewing side door of the casket. I smelled the stench two meters away from the casket. That stench embraces Ruby’s spirit to me a cry for justice.  I did not see her face because it draped with white linen clothes.

I became a lector and served at the mass to the repose of the soul of Ruby Rose. I encourage Rochelle Barrameda, her family, her parents and siblings to be strong and pray that her sister will shed light and bring all murderers to justice.

The rose has temporarily withered but I believe Ruby Rose will rise on the last day and she will change her mortal body to glorious  body as Jesus did. Ruby, you are now rested in peace with Christ Jesus. Till we meet again because we will like angels there in heaven!

I am still praying for Ruby Rose for justice and punish murderers in this nation with the divine help.


9 thoughts on “Remembering Ruby Rose Barrameda

  1. Yes, it’s saddening when good people die at the hands of evil people.

    Btw, you mentioned that the left side of the casket was opened for viewing. Does it mean that her cadaver remained intact after two years?

    1. Yes, Iris. I went there to the first day of her funeral service last Thursday that the Ruby’s corpse remained intact after two years. I watched the actual autopsy from PNP-SOCO that her body found bloated and her face wrapped in a garbage plastic bag. How brutal, Iris.

  2. to the jimenez family how will you feel if you are in the Barrameda’s shoes? the masterminds and the killers should be burned alive in hell. you are satanic evils demons barbaric despicable cold blooded murderers. Go to hell….Karma will come in God s time. ruby is the mother of those 2 grand kids. someday, those girls will ask WHY did you kill my MOM WHY WHY WHY?

  3. […] I arrived at Ruby Rose’s grave at 5 minutes before 3 in the afternoon.  I read the etched writings of Ruby Rose’s tomb and said:  “God will keep us stronger to keep up this fight.  We won’t forget you, we’ll never stop Loving You.” I lit the candle and placed it on her tomb.  I prayed in silence, meanwhile, her brother Richard and his wife also arrived ten minutes ago.  I chatted with her brother about the murder case update of Ruby Rose.  He told me, “there’s a news black-out about the murder case issue and won’t broadcast it to the giant networks. ” Again he asked me, “how did you know Manny Jimenez?”  I answered him, “he was so arrogant, Richard! I thought he was the son of the co-owner of the school!”  I’m quite sad, the justice of Ruby Rose was again delayed and denied! So the enemies of Ruby Rose are seemed  giving bribes to the courts to delay her justice!  I encourage to the Barrameda Family must not give up this fight and pray for Ruby Rose to bring God’s justice soon! (For my writings and reactions about Ruby Rose follow this link: […]

  4. I call DOJ Secretary Leila De Lima to review the murder case of Ruby Rose Barrameda. Ruby Rose’s justice is crippled by the enemies who are giving bribes to the judges of the court.

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