Remembering Ruby Rose Barrameda

9 thoughts on “Remembering Ruby Rose Barrameda”

  1. Yes, it’s saddening when good people die at the hands of evil people.

    Btw, you mentioned that the left side of the casket was opened for viewing. Does it mean that her cadaver remained intact after two years?

    1. Yes, Iris. I went there to the first day of her funeral service last Thursday that the Ruby’s corpse remained intact after two years. I watched the actual autopsy from PNP-SOCO that her body found bloated and her face wrapped in a garbage plastic bag. How brutal, Iris.

  2. to the jimenez family how will you feel if you are in the Barrameda’s shoes? the masterminds and the killers should be burned alive in hell. you are satanic evils demons barbaric despicable cold blooded murderers. Go to hell….Karma will come in God s time. ruby is the mother of those 2 grand kids. someday, those girls will ask WHY did you kill my MOM WHY WHY WHY?

  3. I call DOJ Secretary Leila De Lima to review the murder case of Ruby Rose Barrameda. Ruby Rose’s justice is crippled by the enemies who are giving bribes to the judges of the court.

    1. Ruby Rose Barrameda was a friend of mine at the University of Perpetual Help. I am really missed her so much.

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