The Advocacy Icon Has Gone

Dear Ate Marivic:

You lived 16,074 days here on earth including joys, loneliness, pains and sufferings. You battled and endured the pains and sufferings due to breast cancer for five long years.

You encouraged some women, who are afflicted by breast cancer, that you changed your ideas from negative to positive attitude and taught them how to be brave and strong.

I watched “Madibdibang Usapan” (Breast Talk) on I-Witness at (originally aired on GMA last October) that you visited aling Josie Velasco’s house and filled with your compassion and mercy for her. As you said to the ailing Josie, “Alam ninyo ako ang inisip ko noon na nagka-cancer ako noon, hindi sakit, grasya ng Dios.  Iniisip ko grasya ng Dios. Alam ninyo, hindi ko tinanong ang Dios kung bakit ako, bakit ako Lord? Di ko tinanong iyon. Basta ang nasabi ko na sa inyo, tingnan ninyo ako ngayon, di ba’t wala akong sakit? Stage four na po ako. Isinurender ko ang sarili ko sa Dios, hinayaan ko na ang Dios na magpatakbo ang buhay ko” (You know, I thought I had a cancer before, not illness, but grace from God. I think it was grace from God. You know, I did not ask God if why, why am I Lord? I did not ask Him. Just I told you look at me now, am I look ill? I am in Stage Four.  I, myself, surrendered to the Lord. I left everything to God to manage my life). You shared a pancit  (a stir fried noodles) for her as you said to her, “ubusin yung pansit dahil ang pansit ay pampahaba ng buhay” (consume your stir-fried noodles because it strengthens your life).

Your officemates at the People Support Call Center called you, “nanay mavic” (mother mavic). They told you that you were started the first day in the office that you were suplada (stubborn) but you were the noisiest of all staff at the People Support. Your friends, colleagues, and superiors will really miss your funniest and craziest moments, then, you shared inspirations for them.

Thank you, Ate Marivic, that you taught me  how to socialize or to interact some people or friends. My life has changed that I learned from you to think more positive.  I will miss to tell the stories about the medical certificate of the late Tito Nesting (who died in 1996 due to cirrhosis or complications of diabetes) that we met at the 7-Eleven Convenient Store near University of Perpetual Help.

Remember, Ninong Toto and I were started the healing sessions that your pains at the chest were temporarily gone. You know, breast cancer was an indelible and serious sickness.

You finished with your two sons Miki and Agee. Miki reached his one year nursing course. Agee finished his high school but he has not yet been enrolled to study in college.

The advocacy icon against breast cancer has gone and returned her spirit to the LORD. I will miss your voice too noisy, happy disposition, and a fighter.

How many Ate Marivics as a fighter, mother, and good friend?

I dreamed that I saw you were waving to me. In other words, you bid farewell to me. I saw also in a dream that an indescribable handsome man accompanied and walked with you to the path of eternity — the path of Creator’s House.

Ate Marivic, you are now a “free woman” because God will wipe out your tears and pains. I hate to say goodbye, but till I meet you again not just cousins but siblings of faith like angels into the new heaven and the new earth. No more evil. No more sorrows and pains but the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, is the true light.

Ate Marivic, you are a small, bright star flying back to heaven. May you now peacefully rest from your work through the glorious resurrection and ascension of God’s Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Your beloved cousin,

Chester Diaz

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