Filipino Values

I will never forget the rap song “Mga Kababayan Ko” (My Fellow Country Men) performed by the late Francis Magalona. That song contains values for us Filipinos here and around the world.  I thank Francis M who contributed the song to enlighten our hearts for the sake of our country and to fight all forms of corruption in our government and religion (Here’s the music video of Francis Ms, Mga Kababayan Ko Live on at the end of the paragraph.).

[To all Filipino rappers that you are reading on my blog today, never forget the teachings, values, and all legacies from the late master rapper.  Continue to rap and sing with praises for the future of our country and to the glory of God.]

As a Filipino citizen, I am sharing these values globally that you must be obedient to parents, superiors, and respect the rights of all people; industrious and hardworking with perseverance and discipline;  and love, faithful to God with fear.

May I ask to all readers including the youth of today: Do you always obey your parents, superiors, and respect the rights of the people? Do you obey God in times of adversities and challenges in your life? Do you have fear and love with Him? And do you pray to thank Him and His Son Jesus? And, do you read, meditate, and obey all commandments of God in the Bible?

These questions that I wrote you from above are pure reflections and challenges to apply it in your daily lives. Just imitate the Filipino values with positive thinking that our country is a Christian country.

Well if they will ask me “Why are so many nightclubs and protitutes in the red light districts?” Here’s my answer if your country wants a change: change your attitudes first. Then create a great organization to cease nightclubs, prostitution dens, publishing institutions and internet who propagate obscene images to save women, minors, and children from human trafficking.

We, Filipinos, are loving, caring, praying and uniting each other in times of crises. I ask to all Filipinos globally to pray and cease the attitude of  “crab mentality” which filled with envy and hate. If you rule the “crab mentality”  in your heart, all of you are losers and cowards!




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