Remembering Pope John Paul II

The Catholic Community marks the 4th Death Anniversary of Pope John Paul II. I am revisiting the emotional hours that bishops, clergy, religious,  lay faithful, and all pilgrims had enormously gathered and prayed at the St. Peter’s Square on the eve of the Second Sunday of Easter.  John Paul died at 9:35 p.m. in Rome on April 2, 2005.

Pope Benedict XVI, John Paul’s successor, addressed in his homily last year and said, “John Paul II passed away on the eve of the Second Sunday of Easter, at the end of the ‘day that the Lord has made’. His agony took place throughout this “day”, in the new space-time which is the “eighth day”, desired by the Most Holy Trinity through the work of the Incarnate Word, dead and Risen. In this spiritual dimension Pope John Paul II often demonstrated that during his life he had in a certain way already been steeped in this spiritual dimension, both earlier and especially in the fulfilment of his mission as Supreme Pontiff. His Pontificate as a whole and in a multitude of specific moments appears to us as a sign and testimony of the Resurrection of Christ. The paschal dynamism that made John Paul II’s life a total response to the Lord’s call could not be expressed without participation in the suffering and death of the Divine Master and Redeemer. “The saying is sure”, the Apostle Paul said: ‘If we have died with him, we shall also live with him; if we endure, we shall also reign with him’ (II Tm 2: 11-12). Since his childhood Karol Wojtyła had experienced the truth of these words, encountering the cross on his way, in his family and among his people. It was not long before he decided to carry it with Jesus, following in his footsteps. He wanted to be Jesus’ faithful servant to the point of accepting the call to the priesthood as a lifelong gift and commitment. He lived with him and wished to die with him, all through the unique mediation of Mary Most Holy, Mother of the Church and Mother of the Redeemer, intimately and effectively associated with the saving mystery of his death and Resurrection” (Homily Mass of Benedict XVI on the 3rd Death Anniversary of Pope John Paul II, courtesy of

John Paul II contributed his works i.e, an apostolic letter which he broadened the mysteries of the Holy Rosary, “The Luminous Mystery.” He traveled around the world about such events of  “World Youth Days”, “World Meeting of  Families”, the beatification and canonization of saints, and ecumenical meetings around the world. He also ordained priests and bishops and elevated thousands of Cardinals. All these were contributed on his 26 year rule as the Bishop of Rome and head of the Catholic world.

Visit the website at to know more about the info of John Paul II.

John Paul II, we always love you!


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