Obama’s Rising Popularity Before Inauguration

On January 20, 2009, the history will change the brighter hopes in the United States of America.

The world bids farewell to the outgoing U.S. President George Bush due to his eight year unpopular administration. Bush spends eight years of mismanagement and biggest mistakes as the chief executive officer of his country due to economic and financial fallouts, Iraq war, foreclosures of real estates and credit crunch. US citizens lost their trust to him because Bush failed to save the dying economy but at least he provided $700 billion bailout to spare private bank institutions like AIG (not Lehman Brothers) and automobile industry like General Motors. Americans are still jaded his eight-year sick man rule.

Well the good news that President-elect Barack Obama has arrived to Washington D.C. as he is preparing for the historical inaugural event. According to CNN/Opinion Research Corp. released Sunday indicates that most Americans see Obama’s inauguration as a chance for the nation to come together. Eighty-four percent of those surveyed say they approve of how Obama is handling the presidential transition. That’s up 2 points from the middle of December and up 5 points from the beginning of December.

Thirty-nine percent of Americans questioned feel that Obama’s Inauguration is a celebration by supporters of the winning candidate, 33 percentage points lower than those who felt the same way about Bush’s 2001 inauguration (cnn.com).

The poll also suggests that 68 percent of those questioned are personally “thrilled or happy” that Obama will soon be inaugurated as president, 18 points higher than the way people felt in the days before President Bush’s second inauguration four years ago (cnn.com).

Expectations for Obama’s speech Tuesday appear to be quite high, with 85 percent predicting that his speech will be excellent or good. That’s 24 points higher than the 61 percent who felt the same way about Bush’s first inauguration speech in 2001 (cnn.com).

Surveys are only numbers game.  After his inauguration, the people of the world will observe the results of Obama’s legacy within 100 days. Let’s pray and support for him to be a good leader, health, protection to avoid any kinds of assassination attempts, and friendly to the diplomatic world. May God bless Obama and to all his supporters. Mabuhay!


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