The 12 leaf pages of 2008 calendar are approaching to the end. We bid farewell to the old times like bad habits, tragedies, and more, but we will never forget the toughest times of economic and financial recession such as job retrenchments, indefinite closures of business and establishments, and foreclosures of homes and real-estate properties. For some Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who lost their jobs due to downfall of global economy. Don’t worry, if you want to celebrate new year, I’m giving you the verse from the scriptures, Jesus said according to Matthew 6:33:

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shal be added unto you.”

The Lord reminded us “to seek first God’s kingdom, his righteousness” meaning we must spend time to read and meditate the scriptures, go to the church, and find the preacher who will teach you about the Word of God in the Bible. Never lose hope or despair but abide and trust with God and His Son Jesus Christ in times of adversities.

I’m spending my new year’s eve at the house of my immediate relatives in Sta. Cruz, Manila. I don’t use any kinds of firecrackers either licensed or illicit. Using some firecrackers that will decapitate your hands or fingers and cause injury in some parts of your body. Yes, sniffing a nitrate powder, a deadly ingredient of firecrackers, affects to your respiratory system. Dogs, cats, and household pets are also afraid to hear the explosion of firecrackers. Household owners are taking care of their pets to live in comfort zones at home.

Last year, His Eminence Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales, Archbishop of Manila, advised and reminded to the flock not to buy firecrackers. He said people must buy foods for “Media Noche” for the New Year’s Eve instead to burn their money for the firecrackers.

Meanwhile, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte who prohibits of selling and displaying firecrackers or fireworks display in his jurisdiction because he preserves the beauty and environment of the city. Duterte imprisoned violators who distribute or sell firecrackers and followed the city’s ordinance.

Marikina City Mayor Ma. Lourdes Fernando encourages the people to watch fireworks display in one venue instead of using firecrackers to prevent accidents on New Year’s Eve.

I still praised these three people who have their own strong commitments to their constituents not to buy firecrackers on New Year’s Eve.

The Philippine Department of Health Secretary Francisco T. Duque, III warns the lighting of small and big firecrackers may possibly cause injury.

“The Fireworks-Related Injuries Surveillance Report (21 December 2006 to 5 January 2007) yielded 1,306 cases and up as number 3 cause of injury on the list was Piccolo. This firecracker is small and looks harmless; therefore it was not included in the ban list. But look, it has caused injuries to 119 children.  We should not take for granted those fireworks classified as legal, like Kwitis, because when inappropriately used it explodes earlier or later than expected. The risk of being injured is high. Even the small-sized Piccolo should not be belittled because it has a short ignition time and causes instant injury, ” Duque warned (www.doh.gov.ph).

The health chief also reminded that the using Boga is prohibited to the public. Boga is a locally made improvised PVC pipe cannon.

“It is popular because it is cheap and re-usable. During the first week of the surveillance period (December 21-27, 2007) last holiday season, it topped the list of fireworks-related injuries after causing 38 eye injuries, 32 blast/burn injuries without amputation and 1 blast/burn injury with amputation. President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo immediately banned it on December 27. The following surveillance week, it was not on the list anymore,” Duque said.

Secretary Duque expressed concerns for the kids to stay away of using the piccolo. Piccolo is a small, cheap and colorful firecracker lighted as a matchstick. It caused most of the injuries reported by the DOH last year.

“Piccolo has caused more injuries than any other firecracker or pyrotechnic device this year, ahead of the New Year’s celebration when more Filipinos are feared to suffer more injuries,” Duque said in a statement (www.inquirer.net).

The DOH advised to use like metal pots, horns, amplifiers and such musical instruments to create noise better than the traditional and injury-cause firecrackers.

Filipinos are traditionally celebrating New Year with fireworks festivities and lighting firecrackers. Therefore, I ask to all Citizens here in the Philippines to stay away of using firecrackers because it risks to your health and to our enviroment. Firecrackers contribute the harmful effects of global warming so we must stop it now!

I’m greeting to all my readers, visitors, and bloggers: A HAPPY, PEACEFUL NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!



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